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Tanit Phoenix Naked Pics From Death Race 3

Bangers and Nash on 18.01.2013 – 29215 readers.

Don’t worry, I didn’t know there was a Death Race 3 either, although I should of seeing as it was filmed in South Africa, which explains why Danny Trejo walked right by us one night on Long Street (he’s about four foot tall and has a supermodel growing out of his right arm). Anyway, local model Tanit Phoenix is in the film, more importantly though, she gets naked in the flick. OK! It’s a shower scene, I couldn’t hold it in anymore. Tanit Phoenix NSFW boob action after the jump.

tanit-phoenix-death-race-3-inferno Tanit-Phoenix-naked-death-race-3-1 Tanit-Phoenix-naked-death-race-3-2 Tanit-Phoenix-naked-death-race-3-3 Tanit-Phoenix-naked-death-race-3-4 Tanit-Phoenix-naked-death-race-3-5 Tanit-Phoenix-naked-death-race-3-6 Tanit-Phoenix-naked-death-race-3-7 Tanit-Phoenix-naked-death-race-3-8

Very well behaved breasts.

Here’s the trailer.



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