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Paleo-friendly Feta and biltong snacks

My Easy Cooking on 20.12.2013 – 532 readers.


Paleo-friendly eating seems to be the in thing at the moment and years ago, Atkins was on everybody’s lips and these days Paleo is the buzz word in dietary circles.

Paleo-friendly eating is slightly different to low-carb eating! Diets like the Atkins and Sure-slim and I am sure many others propagate a diet that starts off with no carbs and slowly working the good carbs back into your diet!  I know, I have done them all, been there got the XXXXL T-Shirt afterwards, because all the weight comes back! Carbs are not my friend! If I avoid them, I feel better, less bloated, more energized and I am not hungry every half hour. A mind shift is needed though and that takes time, 21 days it takes to break a bad habit, they say! I am by no means telling people what is medically correct or what they must do, I am just writing this from experience! Do i fail? Hell yes, of course I do, but at least I get it right more often than not!

paleo friendly

Snacking is my/our biggest enemy, especially this time of the year! Most snacks at parties, end of year functions and fast food outlets are loaded with carbohydrates and really bad ones I might add! It is just so much easier to open up a few bags of crisps than to bother with making healthier snacks. So many people responded to the Olyfberg Olive oil competition and bread dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar is such a popular choice, but although the olive oil and vinegar is a good thing, the bread is a no-no for me! My answer to this is simple, cut  a few circles Fairview Feta in smaller cubes. Place in a bowl with olive oil, a dash balsamic vinegar and your choice of soft herbs. Add a little honey if you wish. Mix and serve with lettuce cups, buttercup lettuce works best. See, it does not have to be difficult, it just needs a different approach!


My good friend Garry has put together a whole new  paleo-friendly website called Paleo Living and it has so much help, information and delicious recipes…. your one stop guide to this lifestyle. What I love about this site, is that it is written for the South African reader, so all info recipes and sources are local and you will find it easily! The site is updated regularly and a good place to start your paleo-friendly journey!

These Paleo-friendly feta and biltong snacks are like that, different, but so darn tasty! It is salty, tangy and so, so moreish!  It could not be easier to make either! t is a matter of tossing all the ingredients in a blender and voila, it is done!


Paleo-friendly Feta and Biltong Snacks

makes 20 – 25 bites


1 x 100 g Fairview Chevin

1 x 100 g Fairview Sheep or Goats Cheese Feta

50 g salted peanuts or cashew nuts

a handful chopped parsley or chives

250 ml fine biltong


Place the cheese, parsley and nuts in a food processor and process until it forms a paste. Roll into 20-25 small balls and then roll in the fine biltong. Chill and serve with drinks!


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