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Miss Veet SA 2013 Entries

Just Curious on 03.09.2013 – 1171 readers.

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Veet is excited to announce that the search for South Africa’s next Miss Veet SA has officially commenced.

Miss Veet SA brings a modern take to the glamorous allure of pageants, bringing to life the dreams of many young women and offering aspiring models an amazing opportunity. Not only will this year’s Miss Veet receive prizes to the value of R100, 000.00, but she will also receive a modelling contract to the value of R150, 000.00, potentially rocketing her to stardom and launching her career.


Just as Veet products are made to suit the busy modern lifestyle, Miss Veet SA offers the perfect platform for the modern woman to showcase her confidence.

Entering is easy!  Eager participants can now simply go to,  to enter by uploading a photo of themselves. Entries will close on 25th October 2013. The top 10 will be announced and voting will open to the public on, soon thereafter.

Finalists selected by the public will be whisked away for a special week with famous Veet faces such as Cindy Nell and will enjoy a test of their smooth, modern, female prowess before winners are announced in the first week of December 2013.

For more information visit  and and follow Veet on twitter @Veet_SA.


If you think you’ve got what it takes here is your chance. Good luck!

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