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Just Curious on 03.06.2013 – 2024 readers.

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One of the most talked about stories this weekend was the news that Pabi Moloi is leaving 94.7 Highveld Stereo at the end of June, and will be replaced by Tholi B.

There is no word on where exactly Pabi Moloi is going but the word on the street is that she will be joining Azania at Power FM. If Azania is going to Power FM as everyone believes.

I’m happy for Tholi B, he’s a seasoned radio DJ and things can only get better from here. She joins 2 of her former YFM colleagues at Highveld, MacG and Dineo Ranaka.

Will you miss Pabi on Highveld? Will you move to Highveld with Tholi B? There hasn’t been a word on who will replace Tholi on his YFM slot but someone on twitter jokingly said maybe Pearl Thusi will, seeing she does everything.

Still on the radio and replacements topic:

It’s been a while now since Siphokazi January replaced Azania on Total Bliss with her new show, Full Circle. How are you guys finding her?

I haven’t really listened long enough to make a fair assessment, I only manager to catch her intro, which doesn’t give me enough to go by. With that and the promos they play during other shows, plus that impromptu interview Glen did , she sounds a lot like she’s  on the “still settling” side. I can’t quite pickup her personality… those who’ve been listening to Full Circle, are you enjoying Siphokazi?

And speaking of Metro, I laughed last week when during Unathi’s break someone tweeted and said the show sounded like an AA Meeting. The truth about Glen and Unathi is that Unathi is boring without Glen, and Glen is boring without Unathi.  They are just not the type to run with a whole 3 hour show on their own, without the other (or somebody else), it just doesn’t work.

Anyway, I hope we are over the Open Letter… Whether Unathi acknowledged it or not, she read it and she will take from it, what is worth taking. I hope.

And in more lovey dovey news…

Sunday Sun is reporting that Mshoza found love again and she is happy with a man called Gugu. As to how this picture of her giving him a “toe job” ended up in the Sunday Sun, TJO! He looks cute from a distance, hopefully we’ll see other pics of him soon.


Mzansi Magic’s newest drama series, Rockville, produced by the Fergusons, with Phathu Makwarela as the Head Writer is making its way to our screens later this month.

Check out this promo. The show stars abou Minnie Dlamini,Boity, the Fergusons, Gail Nkoane… check it out. Direct Link: HERE

I heard that Samuel L Jackson was on Generations on Friday? Did you guys watch? How was it?

The Oscar Pistorius murder scene pictures were leaked to Sky News, and there are fears that this may jeopardise the case. Hilton Botha (who is enjoying much media attention) says that the pictures were probably sold to the media by a cop who needed to make a quick buck. Oscar is appearing in court this week but the hearing is expected to be postponed till August, when the trial starts. It needs to come and go… sizwile ngu Oscar and his family that is always in the media! I woudn’t be surprised if they were the ones that leaked these pictures.

  • Then there was also a story about how Pearl Thusi is always late for her Isidingo shoots.. The story sounded dodgy and like it came from someone who’s jealous she’s got so many jobs, so I wouldn’t pay it much attention.

Dali Tambo had an interview with Robert Mugabe on People Of The South last night… quite an interesting interview. If you missed it, you can watch him interview Mugabe’s wife Grace next week and also watch him have dinner with the Mugabe family. I’ll be watching.

Happy Monday friends! What stories rocked your weekend.

  Pics: TimesLive, SkyNews, Sunday Sun


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