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Alexa Chung's Winter Style 2013

Style Guide CT on 25.03.2013 – 1305 readers.

It's been a while since we touched base with my mate Alexa Chung and her quirky-kinda-cool* outfits. I don't like to overwhelm you with the girls from my book club's outfits, you understand. But with winter coming to an end up north, and about to set in down here in the south, it is probably time to check in and see if we can borrow anything from her style for the season.
Also, this weekend she wore this utterly brilliant skirt suit from Carven, that I love with every fibre of my being. And I just HAD to post that obvs. Isn't it just the perfect blend of British aristocracy, eccentricity and modern contemporary style? Well, I think it is. Brilliant. As I said.
Looking back over the past few months, Alexa has been in some of my favourite looks in Paris (in grey and navy wool), London (in Mulberry) and New York (in a signature pinafore and white peter pan collar shirt). Travelling the world and managing to perfect the perfect collars, chic layers and off-beat legs and shoes in her own inimitable way. Love her or hate her, that's up to you, but the girl knows who she is and thus her style is always completely authentic. I am picking up tips as we speak.
Oh, and Alexa may have handed over the mantle as the face of Superga to Rita Ora, but she is still wearing the product - as seen out and about in the streets earlier this month. Good girl.


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