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5 lessons on globalising your self-funded business

Founded in 2012, Consilia is an independent ICT consulting firm that carries no debt and which has been largely self-funded since it was established. Group CEO Johan Botes looks at how his company has grown into an international operation over the past year.
Over the p…

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VIDEO: Sam Snead offers advice on over-swinging

Samuel Jackson Snead won a record 82 tournaments on the US Tour and had possessed what many called, and still call, a “perfect swing”. So when ‘Slammin’ Sammy’ talked about golf – or any other topic – people listened.

In this video he discussed the evil that is over-sw…

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Female hunter posing with giraffe shot in SA causes new outcry [pic]

Ya hey…you’d have thought that the hammering Walter Palmer recieved after shooting Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe would have deterred other hunters from putting their kills online, but apparently American huntress Sabrina Corgatelli didn’t get the memo or just doesn’t care…

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Entourage Review: Larger than ever

Entourage Review: Larger than ever
Entourage Review: Larger than ever90%Overall ScoreReader Rating 0 Votes0%  Director Dough Ellin Cast Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dilon, Jeremy Piven, Jerry Ferrara, Rex Lee, and Emmanuelle Chriqui Rating 16 SNL (And a lot of it) Genre Comedy Running …
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Nokia sells HERE maps to the German Trio

Nokia might be on the ropes in several departments, trying to get back to their dizzying heights of the early 2000’s. One staple product that the company could always rely on was their Here mapping service. Well, not anymore. Nokia just sold its Here unit to a consorti…

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How To: Move from Android to iPhone Easily

Move From Android to iPhone Easily
Moving data from your Android device over to an iPhone should not be hard, and it really isn’t if you have everything set up and ready to move across. There is a way to get every piece of data across to your new phone without any hiccups. Before you start:
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Glorious game-viewing at Gondwana

The night before we arrived at Gondwana, dad had shown us how Africa and South America used to be connected, and how the shapes fitted together so long ago to form Gondwanaland. Gia and I thought it was such a cool name for a game reserve.

As we drove in on the m…

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Youth Are More Entrepreneurial Than Adults : #FuturePotential GEM Report

It’s official. Youth have more get up and go than do adults. According to a new report, ‘Future Potential – a GEM perspective on youth entrepreneurship 2015’ released last month by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), youth, as a group, show significantly higher …

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Caitlyn – our new Trans* icon?

By Chris/tine McLachlan As the world voyeuristically peeked at Mx Caitlyn Jenner splashed onto the cover page of Vanity Fair, I wondered: Is she the new poster girl/woman for the trans* community? This is the woman that was able to beat the president of the United Stat…
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Twitter is testing a dedicated News tab for mobile

Twitter has released a new feature aimed at showing off the top News of the day, something that could be part of its efforts to up revenue in the face of falling stock prices.
Though the feature is only in testing phase, it gives an indication of where Twitter intends …

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Meet our Red-E Power Bank winner!

Congratulations to Dina Dos Santos! She is the lucky winner of the Red-E Power Bank from our previous giveaway.

The BWB team wants to thank Dina and all of our avid readers for the great support you have given us, it means that we can bring you more great content and c…

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New Moto G ad features camels, Tinder

Motorola has released the first ad for its brand new Moto G smartphone and it’s pretty fun, if a little weird.
The ad opens onto an anonymous, lacrosse-playing bro, riding a camel across an anonymous stretch of dessert. Out of water an seemingly lost, he turns to his M…

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Gamescom 2015 preview: livestream details, game reveals and more

For all related news, views and analysis from the heart of Cologne’s gaming epicenter, have a look at our Gamescom 2015 Hub here.
It’s safe to say that this year in gaming has been one of the most interesting for quite some time. Now that Sony and Microsoft‘s next-gene…

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Apple patent might solve sapphire requirements

Sapphire glass has been the holy grail component for Apple over the past couple of years. The company has been trying their utmost to replace all glass on their phones with this material. To date, due to the exorbitant cost of the material, they haven’t gone beyond the…

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Rural South Africa Has a New “Agency” on the Block

Rural South Africa Has a New “Agency” on the Block If you’re a previous guest to Londolozi, you may have visited the Londolozi Creative Hub: the innovation “lab” where all of our marketing campaigns are crafted, our digital media produced, and – more recently – also a …
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What exactly is the ‘vagina oil’ in these Woolies bleach pods? [pic]

These days everyone is very conscious about saving the environment hey. Organic this, non-toxic that…thanks to the eco-friendly efforts of major corporations we have now made it a habit to buy products that won’t harm our planet. Bleach is one of things that is harmful…

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Bandwidth Blog On Air – Episode 4

Dewaal Art

Google Favouritism

This morning I was looking through some ranking reports for a few clients in different industries and I noticed that in two instances websites that were ranking higher were website’s owned by none other than Google. This got me thinking, does Google give it’s own ventu…

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Kaspersky and Blizzard Team up for free Heroes of the Storm content

Heroes of the Storm
This August Heroes of the Storm and Kaspersky will be giving away a free character and skin when you purchase Kaspersky Internet Security, multi-device 2015, or Kaspersky Total Security. Picking up any of the above mentioned Kaspersky anti-virus software will …
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Google: Android Lollipop adoption hits 18.1%, KitKat 39.3%

Google did not disclose Android adoption numbers for June. There was no explanation as to why that was, but now it has released new numbers for the period ending 3 August 2015. Since the last time these adoption numbers were released, there has bee a 5.7 % increase in …

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Designer Box

2011 FEDISA / SAFW finalist - Megan Taljaard

Each year, South African Fashion Week announces its young designer competition. After a visit from SA Fashion Week, FEDISA second year BA Fashion students were more than inspired to take on the challenge.

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Disney Princes and Princesses in Real-Life

Disney Princes and Princesses in Real-Life
Artist, Jirka Väätäinen didn’t always dream about a world where Disney princes and princesses roam the world. He told that his Disney series, entitled “Real Life“, only came to him randomly in 2011 when he wondered what Ursula from The Little …
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Happiness Is A Four Letter Word!

Award winning Author Cynthia Jele must be smiling. Her novel Happiness is a Four-Letter Word, has been turned into a screenplay. Sithe Sikhosana reviewed the winning book for us back in 2010. You can read the review HERE

The story is about 3 friends that are hunting fo…

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Doing it Together

Following the lead of other designer collaborations, Jessica Harwood of Take Care and Keith Henning of Adriaan Kuiters have opened a shop – 73 on Kloof – together. Here they discuss their combined approach and why they work so well together.

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Gold Diggers Media Launch!

What’s the first idea you get after “Gold Diggers” has been echoed into your ears? I am convinced that I was not foolish for expecting a story rich of women (or anyone for that matter) who strategically digs pockets by having relationships with the elite. Ah, what do p…

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Can your target market reach you online?

Most often, small businesses assume that organic search engine traffic with an excellent SEO campaign is all that is required to get the best results. For others, a combination of organic search traffic and various paid advertising like pay per click marketing will get…

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Miza’s Album…(Launch)

Friday we went out to support Itumeleng Modibedi aka Miza’s CD launch Twelve at the VIP Room in Sandton. Due to the cold front that seems to be lingering around our beautiful city I had opted not to attend the dooh (in my mind), but then later around eleven or so I dec…

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Kyle Busch’s luck runs out, Kenseth wins: the weekend motorsport roundup

We’re heading into the backend of the season now with practically all motorsport series. And yes, let’s call it crunch time.
With Formula 1 taking a summer break, and Formula E taking its annual break, it’s up to the rest of the Championships to make up for it.

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The Monsters Are My Friends

I want someone to lean across one day and say, don’t you hate it when everything’s really beautiful and it hurts at the same time, so I can say, yes, I hate it. Then me and them belong to a club, and we are never, ever alone again.

There are clubs, everywhere, that I do…
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Jak 4 Concept Art Leaks

Jak 4
One of our all-time favourite franchises from back in the PlayStation 2 days might just be getting a sequel, and a pretty looking one at that. Although the game has not been officially revealed, and might have just been started and scrapped, this concept art g…
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New app aims to help SA kids decide on a career

Choosing a career path is far from easy, especially when you’re still a teenager who barely knows what they want to do over the weekend. A new app, launched by education company Via Afrika aims to remove a little of that friction.
Called CareerCompass, the app is avail…

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Madiba's Legocy off to Cannes

Top 5: Problems with Smartwatches

A smartwatch is a piece of technology we were only dreaming about until a couple of years ago. Imagined in Star Trek and other science fiction works all those decades ago, we expected them to change communication when they came along.

Well, smartwatches have been aroun…

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Pork and Noodle Stir Fry

Pork and Noodle Stir Fry

Pork and Noodle stir fry with a sweet and sour sauce, yum! It is packed with flavor, quick to prepare and kids love it! At least my kids, that is.

It was also the first dish my children ordered when I asked them to name a few of their favorites to pack in their lunch …

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Love-Cuts: The Misogynist’s Guide to Circumcision

By Thorne Godinho

As fate would have it: I was lying in a hospital bed when, for the first time, I saw one of the Department of Health-sponsored ‘Brothers for Life’ medical male circumcision (MMC) campaign adverts. It could have been an ordinary public health message a…

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Francois Pistorius

Experience Birkenhead House { Travel }

birkenhead house (38 of 45)

We arrived at Birkenhead House in Hermanus on a stormy day, with dark clouds looming and threatening rain making our first look at this property quite breathtaking. It is located on a jagged cliff overlooking the ocean making it a perfect viewpoint for whale watching …

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Sheffield Timelapse

Seeing as we’re here, I thought I’d share this local timelapse, complete with dramatic music and dramatic local scenery:

This was made up of about 12,000 photos, shot over 7 months. I mentioned here that I felt that the city was struggling a bit, but this visit has gi…

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Worthwhile links: Internet trends, wisdom pills, cheap 3D printers


Probably the biggest thing to happen in the world of tech+marketing+people is the annual KPCB Internet Trends report by Mary Meeker. It’s all pretty interesting but if you’re pushed for time, scan up to slide 33 and then witness the large scale “re-imagining” going …

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Watch Deadpool host the trailer for his own trailer

For a select corps of comic book fans the Deadpool movie is one of the most eagerly anticipated events of 2015. They’ll be clamoring to watch the wise-cracking vigilante in action, hoping that someone’s finally made a comic-book adaption that “gets” them.
And if the la…

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Lipault Luggage

So a little while ago I told you about Lipault Luggage, a fashionable little luggage brand from Paris. Well I got to test a few pieces out! Lucky girl!

Streamline and super bright with a lovely sheen; select from hand-luggage with or without wheels, backpacks and suitc…

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Teiko Dornor

Tokyo Sexwale for FIFA President?

Word on the media streets is that our beloved Tokyo Sexwale may be running for FIFA presidency. Look, that man has so much grace and presence so I am not even gonna doubt or complain. I am here for him going that route. Can you imagine him replacing mkhulu Sepp Blatter…

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Here’s how to get quality backlinks… and not piss off Google

Backlinks were the original ranking factor that Google’s PageRank algorithm considered when ranking websites in order of their popularity and importance for a user’s search term.
In the early days of the internet, all you needed was a bunch of backlinks from wherever y…

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Eid Recipes – Date and Coconut Bars


Eid al-Fitr  is on Friday, the 17th of July.

Eid al-Fitr  in North America will start a day later, based on sight ability in North America, in 2015  – on Saturday, the 18th of July.

Note that in the Muslim calander, a holiday begins on the sunset of the previous day, …

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LISOF Puts it Down

Colin O`Mara Davis talks to Nicola Cooper about the forthcoming inaugural LISOF magazine

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Nadia Arnold

Gina Labriani