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Lorde's Style Evolution

Well, well, well. She is only 17 years old and yet it appears that songstress Lorde has already nailed a cool signature style. This whole play with wide leg trousers and cropped tops is magnificent for her. It is edgy and classic. It is revealing and a cover-up all at …
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Want to be as posh as Posh Spice? Here's how to dress like Victoria Beckham.

Victoria Beckham is the ultimate style icon. She is designer, muse and customer of her own creations. There is no one as high profile a celebrity who is also a recognised, respected and awarded designer. And there is no one better than her to show off her own clothes. …
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Emma Stone Style in New York

This week the grand Spiderman 2 juggernaut of promotion rolled into New York City and Emma Stone's outfits shifted a bit. Less of the granny-chic I love so much. And more of the cute 60s-inspired sassy modern stuff. Of course her moment of triumph was the ethereal Prad…
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Olive magazine Cape Town 

Summer in South Africa means platters of crayfish and local oysters, and glasses of local Chenin Blanc enjoyed by the water’s edge. *Olive Magazine asked me for my top ten defining Cape Town bites….not an easy ask. Out in Dec 2015…

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Sizzling Audi RS Q3 Performance coming soon

Food Journey Through Cyprus

Food Journey Through Cyprus – The Endless Feast

In search of the defining dish across Cyprus, Ishay Govender-Ypma discovers sun-kissed produce, generous locals and more variety than one can imagine. *For Food & Home Entertaining SA October 2015*

 Food & Home Cyprus

An old woman is sitti…

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Queens – Feasting Along the 7 Line

Queens – Feasting Along the 7 Line. A Mini Guide

Known as the International Express, Ishay Govender-Ypma leaves the familiarity of Manhattan and the hip eateries in Brooklyn for dollar-dining and diversity along the 7-subway line in Queens. *This article was written fo…

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Road Review: Toyota Avanza (2016) MPV

One of the best-selling Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPV), the Toyota Avanza recently had some work done for 2016 while keeping to the same successful formula. To be honest, my only interaction with the […]

The post Road Review: Toyota Avanza (2016) MPV appeared first o…

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Here’s The Final Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

I saw an update on Facebook the other day which read something along the lines of ‘no matter how bad you’re feeling, Star Wars is out this December’. I’ve thought about that every time I’ve been in a bad mood, and it works. If you don’t believe me, watch the latest tra…

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Is Everything Real?

Reasonable question.

Synth-pop perfection from Nineteen Eighty-Thr…. Wait… No!

This is Turin-based synthpop, darkwave group The Frozen Autumn, and this was first released in 2002!

Wonderful echoes of OMD and Ultravox, and even a touch of a-ha in some of those keyboard…

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Shit I’ve Liked Recently

What is this? Exactly what the headline says, shit I’ve recently liked from around the web. A few movie trailers – one of which looks like it’ll be my new Fantastic Mr Fox, a live performance from Woodkid that’ll blow your mind, a very amusing and oft relevant sketch o…

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Twitter to ditch chronological timeline for algorithms

Twitter could change one of its most fundamental features by as early as next week. The social media network, which is struggling to make profit and retain investor confidence, could ditch its chronological timeline by as early as next week.
The move, which was first r…

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WIN 10 X Tickets to Synergy Live 2015

I don’t have a milkshake, and if I did I doubt it would bring any boys to the yard. Mostly because I can’t afford a house with a yard, or event rent one. But I do have a bunch of tickets to Synergy 2015 to give away that’ll bring all the boys and girls to my virtual ya…

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President Zuma is a dead man walking

President Jacob Zuma is a dead man walking, metaphorically speaking. The political free rein allowed him by cowed party colleagues for the past seven years has suddenly been pulled in. He remains nominally in charge but increasingly less in control. In December, Zuma’s…
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I LOOVE the new campaign from VALENTINO, its very unique, if you want to see more click to one of my favourite sites  VO





















Posted by Jasna of Fashionjazz










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Luck of The Draw

When discussing the survival possibilities of young cubs – whether leopard, lion or cheetah – luck is probably the single biggest factor in determining their survival. We can go on ad ...
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Be the Death of Her

Like a horseshoe crab coming to shore to find its mate, Anita felt the need to trawl the shore of Venice Beach every 6 months. She would leave a planned dinner, walk out of an art-house film, jump out of a moving vehicle, whenever she felt the calling to get her heels …
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4 Images, 1 Hour - Leg Brace

I have been taking a lot of time creating highly detailed images of late. I really miss those early days of the Fake Sartorialist and the speed creation, on the fly, decisions that I made in images. So in an attempt to stimulate the same kind of response I've created a…
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On Future Projects

Updates have been rather slow over the last couple of months. So I've finally set down some time to clarify what I'll be doing over the next few months, and what you can expect from my work. Firstly, I have received a UNESCO Grant to work on a project (Space Shift) at…
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New facebook Banner

The latest facebook banner to be uploaded is going greener.

It has been a busy month here at the Little Human Being Studios. In preparation for the festive season I am designing a range of 12 inspirational fridge magnets. To add to the frenzy of activity display shelves…
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Ivanov Asen is a Bulgarian dandy. He is known for his refined language and love of leisurely hobbies. His favorite hobby, fox hunting, had ket him interested for many years, that is until he caught the-big-one. Around four years ago on a casual fox hunt, between sartor…
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The Week in Pictures #214

We’ve set up a camera trap in the deep south of Londolozi, as a few days ago trackers Jerry Hambana and Rob Hletswayo discovered a veritable city of aardvark activity ...
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First ever animated tatoo!

Designer Box

Advanced Yoga for beginners... Part 2

Yes or No to Tsotsobe?

With the Boxing day Test between South Africa and India a day away, both teams have a few selection issues to think about. The choices should be easier for India, who will have to make changes to the woeful performance first time out. Zaheer Khan will come in for any o…

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Westwood - Backstage with S.Vandevelde

I was lucky enough to meet up with backstage photographer Sonny Vandevelde last Sunday in Milan. He had an extra backstage pass to the Vivienne Westwood show, could I say no? OF COURSE NOT! The show was fantastic from backstage, I practically got to touch each piece a…
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Woman urinates on seat at football stadium

Doing it Together

Following the lead of other designer collaborations, Jessica Harwood of Take Care and Keith Henning of Adriaan Kuiters have opened a shop – 73 on Kloof – together. Here they discuss their combined approach and why they work so well together.

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In a world where freedom is a world that has very little meaning it is interesting to see how many people associate the word free with financial connotations.

If you are not totally and completely free then what are you?

What constrains you?

What limits you?

What holds you…
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Dolphins Mean Business


The Dolphins, the Durban based franchise, have announced the signing f West Indian batsman Chris Gayle for the 2012 Pro 20 Series.

The east coast team had a successful period in the mid to late 90’s, under current coach Graham Ford, when players like Malcolm Marshal…

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Protea Selectors Miss Point


As I begin writing this post the ODI series between South Africa and India is poised at 2-2, with India needing to chase 268 from 46 overs to take the series. No easy task, but within their capabilities. Of course this series is just a warm up to the big event next …

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Incredible Hippo Fight, Down By The Billabong!

Happy Australia Day, everyone! Celebrated annually on 26 January, Australia Day marks the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the first fleet of British Ships at Port Jackson, New South Wales, and ...
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The Tuks FM Top 30 Greatest Hits of All Time!!! 2011/10/22

1.    Led Zepplin-Stairway To Heaven
2.       Rolling Stones-(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

3.       Queen-Bohemian Rhapsody

4.       Eagles-Hotel California

5.       Beatles, The- Hey Jude

6.       Chuck Berry-Johnny B. Goode

7.       Jimi Hendrix-All Along The Watch Tower


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Gareth Cliff Interview on Tuks FM 107.2

On Thursday the 25 August, I had the opportunity of interviewing Gareth Cliff on my show, the first time on Tuks FM in 12 years after he was fired in 1998. He had some interesting things to say, have a listen...

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Third Nipple....on your foot...

Unique: Extra nipples are usually found above the bellybutton, and doctors say it's the first time they have ever seen one on somebody's foot

Lily Allen proudly showed hers off on television, Mark Wahlberg's famous for his and just last week, Zac Efron was forced to deny he has two.
But a 22-year-old woman has trumped them all - by growing a full-sized extra nipple on the sole of her foot.

Read more: http://ww…
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Day 08 - Samurai Model

 The Japanese have trained a rare breed of model. Half samurai / half fashion model. They are called 'utsukushii mono' (the beautiful ones). They assume poses that anyone else would find impossible to achieve. Their muscles are so stretched and strong that they can rem…
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Brasserie Blanc’s seasonal game menu

Brasserie-Blanc-TitleIf there is anybody here who was reading my blog back in 2007, you may recall my post about my very happy birthday lunch at Raymond Blanc’s Le Manoir Aux Quat’ Saisons. At the time, I think I described it as feeling like a mini-break rather than a meal – but of course …
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Many search in possessions for security from the instability and change in this little world of ours.

Some lay their hopes in money and investments.

Others believe that their employment will provide stability.

But there is a power beyond the fears of man, a force that tra…
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For some it is what they seek,

for others it is what they speak,

but sometimes, when life opens up to you,

when She deems you worthy of her embrace...

Love enters your heart and Truth is what happens to everything in and around you.

We yearn for this awakening and strangely…
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Mug Designs for Little Human Being


I am fast learning that sublimation printing is not for the faint of heart. Simple images on a monitor can come out very differently when printed.

No worries - with time Little Human Being will have an amazing range of mugs and other goodies before Christmas.

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50 Up for Hashim, the search for a new coach, and India’s spirit tested


The boxing day Test in Durban could potentially be the turning point for this Protea’s team. Two years ago in Australia they secured their first ever Test series win in Australia with a win in the Boxing Day Test. What should have been the start of a dominant period…

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To An Exciting Year Ahead

Here's to an exciting year!One filled with fantastical experiencesWith outlandish tales and new pursuits. This I wish, for this blog, and to all of you for the next 365 days1. Nowhere Boy by Rodorigo Carmuega (The Ones2Watch), 2. Val by Rachel de Joode for Blonde (The …
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Day 05 - Coral Daydream

Image Credits: 1. Coral Reef (Wikimedia), 2. Yoshiko Reclining (The Selby), 3&4. Dresses (Style Bubble), 5. Air bubbles (Likclick), 6. Holly Garber (Jak and Jil)
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Life is a vast spectrum of experience, most of which mankind has relegated to a small space within the limitations of the physical.

Experiences there are; waiting to expose you to the majesty of life's domain. Death and pain, ecstasy and divinity are waiting for you aro…
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Sometimes I wake up in the morning and nothing makes sense...

what shoes should I wear today? why do I work my life away?

why am I here? who invented eating?

Then I remember.......

holy shit brother.... YOU"RE ALIVE

and I JUMP out of bed knowing that today is a new day

and I…

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Most people do not know what they want...

Days are spent existing, and when next eyes open a lifetime of memories has drifted by.

But if you find a dream, a dream worth living for, a dream worth dying for.... surrender, and in its embrace let life carry you into those un…
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How Australian is Clarke?

South Africa v Australia - 3rd Test: Day 5



So South Africa, despite beating Australia away in their last two series there, are still to beat them since readmission at home. They came pretty close to another drawn series, 4 overs close, but Australia struck at the end to win the series, a series that really…

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Smith Has Earned Our Respect



There’s been a tendency amoungst South African’s to not give our sports stars due respect. We tend to hide behind the bumbling line of keeping them humble and grounded. It’s the casualness of the South African spirit that leads us to want to treat everyone as equals…

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