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Khloe Kardashian Attends the MTV Africa Awards in South Africa in Lanvin

So I will admit that I so very nearly stopped my car to take a photo of a newspaper sounding board that shouted "Khloe Kardashian Lands in South Africa" because, you know, that's not such a big deal now is it. I mean we live in a city where Annie Lennox lives and Meryl…
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Caltex’s slogan “it’s how you get there” intends to give drivers a pleasant and memorable experience whether it’s the daily routine drive or a road trip across our beautiful country. #LoveRoadTrips proved exactly that.

Being one of the brand’s biggest campaigns for the…
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Small Business Growth Conference Entry

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Internet of Everything: A Trend To Watch in 2016

While Gartner in its ‘Top Ten Strategic Technology Trends for 2016’ says the year will be all about the Internet of Things and smart devices talking to each other, Prof Barry Dwolatzky, director of the Joburg Centre for Software Engineering (JCSE) says that he believes…

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The Witness Garden Show 2015


Small Business Growth Conference Competition

It is one thing to start a business. It is another thing, to grow that business to the next level.  Having worked with SMME’s and co-operatives over the years, I regularly come across people that are stuck in the start-up phase.  While there are opportunities to grow …

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Career Book Insights

1 Career Intelligence by Barbara Moses
The 12 New rules for work and life success.
Welcome to the Career Book Insight
Each month, I will provide you 1 career insight from a leading career book. It is not my intention to summarise the book, rather I want to dig up 1 ca…

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New Bloc Party, Run The Jewels, an Awesome Dog, John Oliver, How to be a Man, & Pizza Hut

What is this, a list of shit I’ve found instead of individual pieces!? Well yes it is. I’m adjusting my strategy to target these things called ‘millennials’. I’m not quite sure what they are, but they’re incredibly demanding and they take a lot of pictures of themselve…

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Worth the Wait

We rose before the sun – 5:30am – our bodies still weary from the exhausting day before. The choice: We could stay in bed for another two hours…or we could get up, walk outside, and sit in anticipation for the sun to rise. The joke was on us though, the sun doesn’t tec…
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Let’s see who was out where, doing what and wearing what…


RHOA star, Kenya Moore hit Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live to talk all things housewives. I love that Kenya is crazy and I feel for her sometimes but she can be damn petty!


The Puerto Rican Princess, Jose…

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An evening of fine wine with P&O Cruises

PAndOTitleWe’ve all heard the quotes about ageing and wine – nuggets like: “Men are like wine – some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age”; or “I am ageing like fine wine – getting more fruity and full-bodied”. But as most of us know, older does not always mean better …
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International News Update

What an incredible weekend, between all the happenings and of course new Bey music, I could not want for Monday to share with those who might have not yet seen the video.

King Bey came to SLAY with Formation a new surprise track and video – only she can do that and se…

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The way my career was meant to go…

In about 2008 I started learning Joomla. Joomla is a free website building platform. My plan was to build an online classifieds website. But I failed, here’s why: Firstly, let me point out that in hindsight, my idea was poised to make a great deal of money had I persev…
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MBA Jobs Goes Live

MBA Jobs Goes LIVE!

MBA Student or Graduate

Get Access to the latest MBA Jobs in SA

To get unlimited, free access to the latest MBA jobs, anywhere in South Africa, all that we require is a once off Tweet or Facebook update announcing the launch of Worksucks – MBA …

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Nizamiye Day and Night Home Industry Expo – August 2015

LAST DATE TO REGISTER FOR STALL: THURSDAY 20 AUGUST 2015. All payments must be made before this date as well. READ CAREFULLY Please note the following: this is a DAY AND NIGHT EXPO. Stall holders  will require to bring your own  portable full charged or battery operate…
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Logo Ideas

Playing with new ideas and images for the Little Human Being logo.
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Outland is Taking Over Easter

Finally, something to do over Easter weekend.


Outland Festival poster

Easter weekend just got interesting. We’ve teamed up with Mr White Productions and Half Shell events to put together this mammoth weekend of fantastic music at the scenic Sierra Ranch in Mooi River.


Just look at that l…

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The Art Of Thorns

You realise you can never properly love even one thing, let alone everything.

That's why you get a little sadder as you get older.

You fall in love a little every day with something new, and so your heart breaks a little every day.

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Dreamy treehouses for a faraway break

Call me umlungu – “white scum”

I bought this shirt from Big Blue, Kalk Bay, Cape Town. And I though it was cool. But it seems I needed an etymology lesson before I bought it. (Etymology is the study of words and their origins… Silly) Apparently it originates from the Xhosa tribal people who referred…
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How Not To Suck At Presenting – To Be Presented By @HeavyChef

On 03 November 2015 at Microsoft’s headquarters in Joburg, Rich Mulholland will talk about how to master the art of delivering effective presentations and the principles behind this fundamental skill. Mulholland is a familiar face on the landscape of South African entr…

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Recently I got to try out and add these colours to my make up bag, after using them for quite a few make up looks this is my opinion….



This blush is awesome, I love that you can mix the  different shades together and make one unique col…

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Panna Cotta with fresh Summer Berries

panna cotta

Panna Cotta is my new go-to dessert. Firstly because I can literally bribe my son to do any chores around the house if Panna Cotta is waiting in the fridge for him.

Panna Cotta also is a totally stress free dessert when entertaining. Stress free? Nope, I am not kiddin…

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Future Shock

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 6.03.38 PMDon’t be deceived by the old-book smell and the sun-bleached cover; Alvin Toffler’s Future Shock, which was first published in 1970, is an astoundingly insightful book which gives invaluable context to the present day.

In it he details his predictions of the future of …

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This isn’t a dog

I get pretty soppy in my music. That’s because I’m a soppy guy. I’m pretty sure today’s happenings will result in yet another soppy song. Today Peter died. Peter was a Labrador. But he was not a dog. Peter was found in some god-forsaken place, malnourished, hair fallin…
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Graduates, shine in a Competitive Market


2011/2012 Graduates

For the class of 2011 graduates or those graduating this year, you are on the verge of a new, sometime confusing, journey to the workplace.

While the recession may officially be over, it does not mean that graduates should expect abundant job oppor…

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The Final Countdown // Five Days and Counting...

Hello family and friends,

Where has the time gone?! FIVE days from today we will be embarking to Cape Town, South Africa! These past two months have been wonderful and have honestly gone by so fast. From our almost weekly meetings, prayer training and volunteering at Po…
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Your true nature

In recognising your true nature you live your life in alignment with your true values.

The more you align with this truth the more your true nature is allowed to surface - you remove and exclude that which does not serve and start to resonate with and become that which …
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Brittney Palmer – Woensdag se warm bokkie.

Hierdie girl is lekker. Sy kan dans, sy verf mooi en sy kan bliksem. Sommer UFC styles ou pel.  Ons is nie seker of sy lekker kos kan maak nie. Stalk haar op Instagram en vind uit vir jouself.

Sy was op
n stadium ‘n magician se assistent.
Sy was ook ‘n lead d…

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7 of the best food markets in Gauteng

1. Neighbourgoods Market, Johannesburg

Inspired by the inner-city's vibrant character and forming a part of Johannesburg's urban renewal project, this market offers a bohemian-style experience in the heart of the city. Set over two floors inside a building on Juta Str…

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Snap marks the spot

This weekend I will be playing again at the Outeniqua Farmer’s market. With that I will be introducing my exciting new payment option at live gigs. So if you’re coming to the gig, please download the SnapScan app onto your Apple, Android or BlackBerry device. This may …
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There is power in the name of Jesus... to break every chain!

Good morning!!! Well it's already morning here on Friday.
Wow! Where do I start?  I'm going to try my best to briefly recap so many major events and happenings. With so many answered prayers and amazing moments yesterday, we came with full expectations today.  That woul…
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Home Sweet Home

So last year October I moved into a new apartment after sharing a house with a friend of mine for three and half years. Excited as I was to finally have this blank canvas to decorate and make a cosy home I was also scarred that after splurging on a lot of bigger items …

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International News Update

There’s been so much happening in Hollywood so much that I cannot even keep up half of the time but here we go…let’s see what’s been happening.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 8.24.12 AM_zpstdiwpnkk

By now we all know about that EPIC Kanye-Wiz-Amber Twar. How juicy was that? Fast track a few days later Kim and Amber Rose …

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Fable Mountain Vineyards: “Don’t label us, just look at our labels”

Apart from wine, work and grapes, vineyards provide us with much beauty. The aesthetic pleasure we find in vineyards, I think, stems from the collision between lands that produce good wine grapes – hills, steep slopes, river banks, mountainous valleys
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Styled Interior Photography | Residential Apartments Johannesburg

Post image for Styled Interior Photography | Residential Apartments  Johannesburg

I photographed these two beautiful apartments in Johannesburg’s Northern suburbs for Cecily Rocher, renowned interior decorator from Cape Town.

Cecily has an infectious personality, and working with her was more like creating prettiness and having fun while doing so. …

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Madiba Release Anniversary!

11 February marks 21 years since Madiba was released from prison. Do you remember the day? Where were you and what were you doing on 11 February 1990?
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