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San Francisco & Los Angeles

Dear you, 

I'm traveling and posting is difficult. In case you missed it, I'll be reading in San Francisco and Los Angeles over the next two months. Join me on facebook for all the details. 

I hope I see you there, 

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Designer Box

Comment on Bugle takes a break :( by 6000

Bloubergman > Ooh. Let me share some spoilers.

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Comment on Bugle takes a break :( by 6000

Bloubergman > *cheering* It is, and I was impressed by the lack of crossover from John’s show. Very, very funny drive into work this morning.

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Ruthless rhino poaching syndicate rounded up by Hawks

How to stop time in the Swiss Alps

Photographer Daniel Cuthbert


Gina Labriani

Video: Ferrari 458 Italia With Frequency Intelligent Exhaust


Castle Lite Lime vir die naweek

Dit het finally gebeur, my vrou het uitgefigure dat bier great is vir 'n dors les, veral nou dat dit weer lekker warm begin raak. Ongelukkig is dit nou 'n probleem want sy gebruik my bier by elke kuier om Shandies mee te maak. Gelukkig het Castle Lite Lime nou gekom me…

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Video: Porsche 911 GT3 FIA R-GT Spec


Video: Flat-Four Porsche Boxster And Cayman Continue Testing

Four-cylinder turbocharged versions of the Porsche Cayman and Boxster continue their development at the Nordschleife. Porsche has already revealed a 2.0-litre 4-cylinder engine for the new Macan compact SUV, with […]

The post Video: Flat-Four Porsche Boxster And Ca…

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Doing it Together

Following the lead of other designer collaborations, Jessica Harwood of Take Care and Keith Henning of Adriaan Kuiters have opened a shop – 73 on Kloof – together. Here they discuss their combined approach and why they work so well together.

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Tyrone closing in on PGA Tour card

South African Tyrone van Aswegen is in a great position to seal his playing privileges on the PGA Tour next year after a good start to the season-ending Tour Championship.

Van Aswegen carded a 4-under-par 66 at TPC Sawgrass to sit in a tie for seventh after the…

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Road Test: Citroën C4 Picasso Intensive

The Citroën C4 Picasso is the latest multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) from the French manufacturer that’s known for its practical, economic and avant-garde offerings. The C4 Picasso’s styling is eye-catching to […]

The post Road Test: Citroën C4 Picasso Intensive appear…

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LISOF Puts it Down

Colin O`Mara Davis talks to Nicola Cooper about the forthcoming inaugural LISOF magazine

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Nicola Formichetti to start his own label

There`s no stopping Nicola Formichetti. Having been catapulted into the style spotlight thanks to his role as Lady Gaga`s `fashion director`, the next project for the 34-year-old is to launch his own fashion line.

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Teiko Dornor

Francois Pistorius

Targeted for his tusks – an African icon is saved

Video: NHRA Top Fuel Drag Racing In Slow Motion


Madiba's Legocy off to Cannes

Club Carnivore @ Vivat Bacchus

Carnivore, noun - an animal which feeds on other animals. Herbivore, noun - an animal which feeds on plants. The herbivores do seem to get the short end of the stick, don’t you think?  Their plant-based diet is not very energy-dense and so they have to spend almost all…
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Extinct snail rediscovered in Seychelles

Vrydag Bederf kraak die naweek oop

Mooi man. Vrydag is hier. Nou kan ons weer bietjie kalmeer. Darem is volgende week 'n kort werks week. Want Woendag is Nasionale Braaidag. Jy kan saam met ons kom ons verjaarsdag vier by Capital Craft en dan kan jy miskien 'n gratis bier kry. Dit is hoe nice ons is en …

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2011 FEDISA / SAFW finalist - Megan Taljaard

Each year, South African Fashion Week announces its young designer competition. After a visit from SA Fashion Week, FEDISA second year BA Fashion students were more than inspired to take on the challenge.

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Nadia Arnold


Last week saw  the launch of the Spree S/S2014 collection,  it was a mixture of fabulous people, pink drinks, canapes and fabulous fashion.  I am loving all the looks especially the crop tops and mid length skirts, watch this space for  am exclusive sneak peek of  the …

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Want to be as posh as Posh Spice? Here's how to dress like Victoria Beckham.

Victoria Beckham is the ultimate style icon. She is designer, muse and customer of her own creations. There is no one as high profile a celebrity who is also a recognised, respected and awarded designer. And there is no one better than her to show off her own clothes. …
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An Anchorman sequel! By Odin's Raven!

We love Anchorman here at the Dojo. In much the same way as a man loves the smell of rich mahogany and leather-bound books. At last! A sequel is confirmed!

Anchorman News Team

News Team... Assemble!

It’s the greatest and best movie of all time. And if you don’t agree one-hundred percent w…

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Lorde's Style Evolution

Well, well, well. She is only 17 years old and yet it appears that songstress Lorde has already nailed a cool signature style. This whole play with wide leg trousers and cropped tops is magnificent for her. It is edgy and classic. It is revealing and a cover-up all at …
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Come And Listen To Me Read This Out Aloud

Publik Wine Bar

Wine bars in Cape Town are scarcer than a gold hen’s tooth. And when you do find one, you realise it’s not a hen’s tooth at all, just a shitty piece of yellow dirt. Caveau? hah. Harold’s? Please. Oblivion? Pull
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Reality TV Still Photography: Tropika Island of Treasure 5 Jamaica

Post image for Reality TV Still Photography: Tropika Island of Treasure 5 Jamaica

I shot thousands and thousands of photos during the 2 weeks of filming Tropika Island of Treasure in Jamaica last year, so it’s been really difficult selecting my favourites. Instead, below is a somewhat random selection ;)

TIOT5-Jamaica-01-004-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-01-016-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-01-027-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-01-034-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-01-036-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-01-059-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-01-067-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-01-115-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-01-137-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-01-161-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-01-172-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-01-173-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-01-212-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-01-224-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-01-254-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-02-005-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-02-023-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-02-034-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-02-043-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-02-062-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-02-066-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-02-069-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-02-075-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-02-103-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-02-115-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-02-119-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-02-132-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-02-153-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-02-208-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-02-224-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography  TIOT5-Jamaica-02-233-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-02-243-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-03-002-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-03-008-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-03-083-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-03-148-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-03-166-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-03-173-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-03-185-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-03-187-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-03-229-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-04-004-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-04-042-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-04-175-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-04-222-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-04-244-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-05-018-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-05-025-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-05-049-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-05-074-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-05-095-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-05-103-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-05-106-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-05-121-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-05-171-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-06-001-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-06-012-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-06-032-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-06-077-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-06-141-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-06-149-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-06-151-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-06-163-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-07-007-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-07-018-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-07-057-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-07-073-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-07-085-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-07-092-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-07-120-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-07-135-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-07-139-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-07-154-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-07-176-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-07-189-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-07-190-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-07-201-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-07-207-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-07-212-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-07-216-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-08-052-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-08-056-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-08-073-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography  TIOT5-Jamaica-08-087-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-08-092-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-08-096-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-08-136-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-08-185-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-08-189-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-09-024-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-09-123-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-09-152-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography  TIOT5-Jamaica-09-176-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-10-033-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-10-042-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-10-045-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-10-067-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-10-080-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-10-116-Rikki-Hibbert-PhotographyTIOT5-Jamaica-10-137-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography


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MOBILE: The New World Of Work

The reality of time pressures today, is that we all feel like we spend our days chasing something, whether its sales or deadlines, but it’s the chase that seems to rob us of our time and has become a new age criminal, says Scott Corry Business Unit Manager at Kathea, m…

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Saterdag short – “Where are They Now?” deur Steve Cutts

jessica rabit oldAl gewonder hoe die lewens van Jessica Rabbit en haar tjommies in cartoon land vir ‘n bol kak gegaan het sedert die 80s? Steve Cutts ook. Toe animate hy so ‘n ietsie daaroor. Cutts is ‘n illustrator en animator wat vanuit Londen werk en voorheen vir groot companies soo…

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The Week in Pictures #145

As winter draws to a close I find myself reflecting on the last couple of months and how lucky we are to work in a place of such beauty. The early morning chill in the air as we anxiously await the sun rise, the hippos basking in the sun for warmth, looking at all the …
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Signature Restaurant | Styled Food Photography Johannesburg

Post image for Signature Restaurant | Styled Food Photography Johannesburg

Signature Restaurant is one of my long-standing clients since 2006. In October last year I did a food shoot there for their marketing and promotions.


Behind the scenes


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Worthwhile links: Internet trends, wisdom pills, cheap 3D printers


Probably the biggest thing to happen in the world of tech+marketing+people is the annual KPCB Internet Trends report by Mary Meeker. It’s all pretty interesting but if you’re pushed for time, scan up to slide 33 and then witness the large scale “re-imagining” going …

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Small Business Growth Conference Entry

Please complete the entry form

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A Spotted Obsession

It was ignited decades back, when they were still considered ghosts. Heard but seldom seen, tracks and signs evidence of their secretive presence. A blur of spots disappearing into the dense undergrowth in an attempt to again become invisible. An ability to melt into t…
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Small Business Growth Conference Competition

It is one thing to start a business. It is another thing, to grow that business to the next level.  Having worked with SMME’s and co-operatives over the years, I regularly come across people that are stuck in the start-up phase.  While there are opportunities to grow …

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Why Wine Tastes Better in the Bush

A soft golden light creeps in during the last hours of daylight. It’s this time of day that is known as the ‘golden hour’. The light dances between leaves of trees, a lion’s mane is highlighted by a glowing halo as lights falls on each whisker, and hair. As the light d…
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A Regulatory Checklist For Small Businesses

If you’re running a small business, you might feel overwhelmed by the many regulatory bodies and requirements in South Africa. From labour laws and tax regulations to municipal bylaws, health and safety regulations and consumer protection laws, you’ll be spending a gre…

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Kodak is dead. And the Kodak moment is next.

Last week I went to hear a Heavy Chef in Woodmead. It got me thinking about a few things you should be thinking about…

A snapshot of Don Packetts Heavy Chef Talk.

A snapshot of Don Packetts Heavy Chef Talk.

It was great to be back as I regrettably missed the last two Heavy Chef events held by Worldwide Creative.…

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Movie review: Prometheus


Scott’s massive, scary, sci-fi thriller looks great. Almost great enough to distract you from all the gaping holes… (Warning: SPOILERS.)

Charlize Theron in Prometheus

“But, Ridley, that doesn’t make any… wait. Never mind. ‘Run straight,” was it? Mmmkay…”

There’s been huge hype…

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Five really really big things

Bigger is always better; just ask any American. For additional proof, here’s a massive dog, burger, wave, pair of sandals (with matching human feet) and bottle of liquor…

...that you probably didn't know. But should.

Big is good. Unless you’re talking about a cellphone…

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Forever 21 {OOTD}

As you all know I have been beyond excited for the opening of the Forever 21 store in Canal Walk! Its opening this week and as part of its launch myself and a few other lovely ladies have had the chance to style some items! When I saw these shorts I just fell in love, …
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