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The illusions of Facebook

At the recent South African Communication Association conference at the Afda campus in Cape Town I was astonished at the level of naïveté about the use of Facebook on the part of academics and students alike. On the one hand there were those who regard it as a mere too…
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Tips and Tricks for Gmail

Gmail is by far one of the most popular email clients in the world and its universal account covers YouTube, Google, Google Drive, and even Android devices. If you use Gmail often then check out some tips on how to get the most of the service:   Email Large Files…
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Having achieved the milestone of the 200th week in pictures last week it gave me the opportunity to look back at the last two years and reminisce on past experiences and brief moments in time that we have all been privileged enough to enjoy out in the field. This week …
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Woolworst, Greg Lemond, and ROI: 5 Memeburn articles you loved this week

It’s Friday, so hopefully you’ve caught up on the all the piles of work that have been crowding your inbox over the past week. After all that toil and labour, you finally have some time to yourself.
And that in turn means you’ve got a few minutes to catch up with what’…

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Go Go Power Rangers! Meet The New Pink Power Ranger For The Reboot

Go Go Power Rangers! Meet The New Pink Power Ranger For The Reboot
We only recently learned that the Power Rangers will be getting a reboot in a movie adaptation being released by Lionsgate and now the first, (and my personal favourite) cast member has been revealed. The studio confirmed that Naomi Scott (The Martian) will be po…
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Video picks of the week – Jenson Button & Iggy Pop

Jenson Button & Iggy PopAt the end of the week – it’s always useful to put together a summary of the trending videos that caught your eye.

This is our list.

It includes Jenson Button & Iggy Pop, who appear in the new Johnnie Walker and H&M commercials respectively, and for good measure we hav…

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How the Internet of Things (IoT) is helping businesses grow

Just as the PC has become a staple of everyday life, so too has the internet. For those old enough to remember, the PC used to be relegated to the techy crowd, so the internet was the domain of the scientist. But as the PC gained popularity and the price grew within th…

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Guide to Citrusdal

From the beauty of the Olifant's River to the steaming natural hot baths, Citrusdal is a treat. Here's what to do on your next visit to this little farming town.

The post Guide to Citrusdal appeared first on Getaway Magazine.

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Social Innovators To Watch Announced

The SAB Foundation has selected 14 finalists in its 5th annual Social Innovation Awards 2015.

The final winners will be announced at an official awards ceremony on Thursday, 15…

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7 Things to do on Route 62

When travelling from Cape Town to the Garden Route, Route 62 makes for a very interesting alternative. Starting at Worcester just off the N1, the road is often much quieter than the N2 and winds it's way through mountain ranges and past fruit orchards with beautiful vi…

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England’s Golf Coast

With the highest concentration of championship links courses in the world, including the ‘Holy Trinity’ of Royal Liverpool, Royal Birkdale and Royal Lytham & St Annes, the region known as England’s Golf Coast stretches north from Liverpool to an area just south of Blac…

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Joyous faces!

Hello Friends & Family!! 

Hope you're all doing well! We miss you all so much!! 

Today we were able to start off the week on such a great note. After breakfast we had team time which began with Dustin leading an amazing devotional in Ephesians Chapter 3. Shortly after, a…

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UK supermarket makes World Cup rugby ball pizza…guess what it looks like instead [pic]

Haha…some excellent marketing fail from a UK supermarket that wanted to capitalise on the Rugby World Cup currently on the go. Someone at Morrisons decided it would be great idea to make a rugby ball pizza and clearly didn’t realise that it may look a bit not-safe-for-…

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Customer Is Not A King

No business has the right to brazenly and publicly offend customers just because of their religion, nationality, or skin colour. There are always consequences to your business …

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Apple Watch pricing and availability for SA announced

The Apple Watch has been available outside our borders for a very long time, now. But it seems South Africa is finally getting the device, which will be sold through iStore outlets around the country.

It will become available on Friday, 23 October, distributor Core Gro…

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Genevieve Morton in cheeky new underwear ad [video]

Birds of a political feather

Politicians with competing ideologies like to think of themselves as fundamentally different: socialist versus capitalist, libertarian as opposed to authoritarian, etc. Given, however, the universality of the human condition, they are actually often more alike in their…
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The Best

Negotiating my identity as an introvert in an extroverted society

By Magnolia Bahle Ngcobo-Sithole When someone asks me “Who are you?” I often respond by giving my name and surname. If we keep the conversation going long enough I start talking about the work that I do. I may also mention some of my hobbies. The conversation stays sup…
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Robert Brozin – The Brief Story Of The Man Behind Nandos

It’s not every day that a brand  which originated in South Africa can claim US President Barack Obama; pop superstars Beyoncé and Rihanna; the world’s number one Formula One dr…

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Negging, peacocking, and bedroom eyes: pick-up artists peddle product at rAge 2015

South African gaming and electronics expo rAge has made some curious decisions regarding its portrayal of a family-friendly environment. After redesigning their mascot and receiving a copious amount of backlash from the community at large, it seems the event has allowe…

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Versatile Themes for Online Magazines

Facebook Messenger arrives for Apple Watch

Ahead of today’s news that the Apple Watch will officially be available for purchase in South Africa before the end of October, consumers will be able to enjoy Facebook chats on Apple’s premium wearable.

Facebook’s Messenger app, which was promised to arrive on the App…

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Today was a nice, relaxing day.

Well, it was relaxing for some of us. Our heroic editors were slaving away for hours, working tirelessly to take all the awesome footage from throughout the week and turn it into a meaningful final video. But while they were downing their…
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Easy Thai Pork and Spinach Curry!

Easy Thai Pork

Easy Thai pork and spinach Curry, born out of necessity for something warm and delicious, yet very quick to prepare.

Some times, recipes just work, planets align and the result is way more than you ever intended. So it was with this Easy Thai Pork and Spinach curry. N…

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Hiking in Cathedral Peak

Driving along the road winding through the Drakensberg Mountains up to Cathedral Peak, I felt the strangest sense of belonging. Maybe it was the mountains. As a Capetonian I am partial to places with mountains - not only do they tower comfortingly over our city like wi…

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GWF Hosts First Ever Bilateral Youth Conservation Tech Conference

An exciting milestone was reached at Londolozi’s nonprofit partner, Good Work Foundation (GWF), this week as the organisation hosted its first ever bilateral youth conference, titled: “Education, Technology & Conservation: a Rural Convergence.” In collaboration with th…
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What the Water Gave Me | Portraiture

Lightroom Tutorial 2: What Is White Balance?

White balance. It’s a word that we fling around as photographers, but might not always understand. In today’s video tutorial, I’ll take you through the definition of white balance, how it works and how you can customise your photos- both in-camera and in Lightroom. Rem…
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Photos from the wildest elephant assignment

In 2013 a 500-kilometre finger of land stretching from Namibia to the corner Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia was named the Zambezi Region. Formerly known as the Caprivi, this odd strip of land is home to four rivers and at the right time of year, a befuddling amount of e…

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The World According to Africa’s Attenborough | 10 Questions

“The real world…” It’s a term often used by realists and parents with hopes of their children becoming lawyers. It is the world we inherited with civilisation. One you wouldn’t see being used to describe the realm that game ranger and photographer, Amy Attenborough inh…
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The Week in Pictures #198

For me, this last week has been characterised by, not only a distinctive shift in the seasons but also by the changing predator dynamics on Londolozi too. I have seen three leopards for the first time, which includes the Anderson 4:4 male, the Dudley Riverbank 5:5 male…
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How to book campsites at Botswana’s national parks

The Piva Male Leopard: A Great Story Told in Spots

Due to the perfect habitat and many years of hard work and habituation, we are lucky enough to have been viewing incredible leopard behaviour on Londolozi since the 1970’s. As a consequence of these leopards becoming relaxed, we have been able to, over time, follow the…
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LexCorp To Provide Free Wifi At New York Comic Con

LexCorp To Provide Free Wifi At New York Comic Con
If you’re a lucky attendee at this year’s New York Comic Con then you can get free Wi-Fi access thanks to LexCorp Industries. RELATED: GO GO POWER RANGERS!
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I’m like an intuition ninja

I’m 34. How that’s relevant to this blog post I’m not sure. I think it’s just an ominous way to start writing. Dum, dum, dum, I’m not a kid anymore and this aint Kansas Dorothy. But my name is Adin. So let’s move on. It’s come to my wife and my attention that my “intui…
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Influencing People Using Body Language

BODY LANGUAGE: You Say It Best When You Say Nothing At All I stumbled across an interesting article on called 24 Scientific Ways to Influence People Without Saying a Word. The gist of...

The post Influencing People Using Body Language appeared first on WITN…

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The Reflection In Someone Else's Eyes

There is an innocent but selfish part of you that wants to love and be loved because you know being loved will make you want to be worthy of being loved. 

There is a part of you that just wants to see the kind of person you could be, through someone else's eyes.
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Exploring Poland

Exploring Poland – More than Pierogi and Poets**

I am in Poland right now, here to learn more about the people, cuisine and current trends in food and drink. I’m also here to briefly explore a little of the mountainous regions, visit beyond Warsaw, a city we visited fe…

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People are living longer, longevity protection!

I read an incredibly interesting article this weekend about longevity and wanted to share some really interesting facts that I pulled from the article, facts that you probably didn’t know:

  • By 2055 there will be more people over the age of 60 than people under the age o…
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The Art Of Being Born

You're not supposed to remember being born so you can only imagine what it was like, looking at the world for the first time and just weeping at all the ugliness and all the beauty that you saw in it. And crying for the first time, that feeling in your chest and then y…
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The Moment After Everything

A tattooed doorframe marks where you grew older and now you are too old to die young and beautiful.

Now you must try to die old and beautiful.
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New Themes: Colinear and Franklin

On this Theme Thursday, we have two new free themes for you: Colinear and Franklin.


Colinear: Homepage

Colinear — our update to the older Coraline — is a squeaky-clean theme featuring a custom menu, header, background, and layout. Colinear supports featured images and six widge…

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Discovering Dar es Salaam

Discovering Dar es Salaam – a Taste of the Real Dar

A mini guide on Uncovering Dar es Salaam for a first time visitor

Dar es Salaam street life

Dar es Salaam street life

With more than five million residents (the guide books under-quote the numbers, I’m told), Dar es Salaam, the “House of Peace…

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When Home Ground Advantage Isn’t An Advantage



When you play in the subcontinent you’re going to get a pitch that looks like a day 10 pitch on day 4. It will be a dust bowl, devoid of grass, and turning sideways, with inconsistent bounce. When you play in England you’re going to get a pitch that’s conducive to s…

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Lemon Toffee Upside Down Cake

Thug to Thug – Gayton McKenzie’s Open Letter to Julius!

Dear fellow thug

Julius Malema, our Conmander in Thief, you haven’t held back in expressing your disdain for me. So allow me to respond. Pull up a chair.
I have no problem with someone drawing attention to my dark past, because it’s not something I’ve ever tried to hid…

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Two Deeply Personal Stories from This Week

“At unexpected points in life, everyone gets waylaid by the colossal force of recollection.”
Mary Karr, The Art of Memoir

Every day, millions of people share their most intimate thoughts, stories, and memories on a site — and the results can be powerful.…

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