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Gay Couple Antics & Same Sex Marriage Views

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So over the weekend as we all found out the “Zulu Gay Couple” had split. These papers and their headlines – LOL! I have to say they do get that grab the paper and read effect that is desired. Anyway as many of us know by now. The split is reportedly due to domest…

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Country Road take me home

LG G3’s new UI leaked with sleek, flat design


We recently brought you news that the new LG G3 will most likely have a Quad HD display, and not only does this rumour seem to be confirmed with this leak, but we also see what the new UI will look like.

If you have even used or seen LG’s user interface you will see t…

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Gdansk – the amber jewel of the Baltic

Spotted At The MTV Africa Music Awards Nominations Party

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This past cold Wednesday evening Pako and I drove to The Sands in Sandton to attend one of the best parties of 2014 thus far. Yeah it was cold but people came out in numbers. Most boys were warmly dressed but I can’t say the same about our ladies Abayoyiki Ingqel…

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Please enjoy a vintage moment of President Zuma’s math skills [video]

It’s a few years old, but i don’t remember seeing it so please enjoy a vintage moment of our president demonstrating his counting skills during a live broadcast. Here’s Jacob Zuma having a rather tough time getting to grips with big numbers.

Haha! Well played JZ…you g…

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roast leg of lamb with rosemary, garlic, harissa and lemon + easter feast + next food photography & styling workshop

When it comes to roasting an expensive leg of lamb I tend to be quite stuck in my ways. The recipe I love and always turn to is Jamie Oliver’s four-hour shoulder of lamb from his book ‘Jamie At Home’, and it’s perfect in its simplicity. Other than the delicious flavour…
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Over In Hollywood

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Hello good people. It’s been a while since our last Hollywood coverage. Slow news all around right? Or maybe not dramatic enough. I hope you had a good Easter Weekend and are ready for the next long weekend.

It seems like divas are being divas. There was a rumou…

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HTC to bring optical zoom to devices in 2015

htc one

Camera technology has always been an important part of a smartphones specs. Companies are trying to pack as many megapixels and the biggest sensors possible into their flagships. HTC has not exactly followed this recipe in the last couple of years, though. The have ke…

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Nike’s Fuelband failure signals a win for wearables

When Nike announced earlier this month that it had decided to stop making its FuelBand – a wearable fitness device — other tech makers, and undoubtedly Nike’s fans became nervous. Is this it for wearables and does one major player exiting the race herald the end of the…
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Skyy Vodka Elevate Experience

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Last week I was out in Braamfontein for Skyy Vodka Elevate Party, and it so happened that DJ Sphe (one of the official hosts) was celebrating his 21st birthday (heard on the corridors) lol. It was my first Elevate Experience so I went with no expectations and tho…

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Soweto Calling

Soweto Calling

For PnP Travel Ideas Magazine March 2014

Soweto (South Western Townships), once dusty, desolate and submerged in poverty with a reputation for being dangerous, has blossomed with vibrancy and artistic vigour, a welcoming place containing some of the most…

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Nokia Asha 210 Feature Phone Review


Are you one of those people that love their QWERTY keyboards and don’t need a massively expensive smartphone that has one? This device might be for you, then. While the Nokia Asha 210 isn’t perfect, it certainly is a very compelling buy for people in this price bracke…

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On the fall of the ANC

“How did the ANC manage to dupe the people of South Africa?” ask Prince Mashele and Mzukisi Qobo, the authors of a new book, The Fall of the ANC: What next? The 20th anniversary of electoral democracy and the impending elections, all within weeks, force us to take seri…
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Tres Cool {OOTD}

Coat from Truworths in Canal Walk | Skirt from Zara | Boots from Woolworths | Necklace from Cotton on in Canal Walk |Tee from Mr Price in Canal Walk | Ring from Mr Price in Canal Walk

With the chill of winter slowly making its way into our lives I am definitely on the…

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Built in Africa: Shaking Sun’s Akaliza Keza Gara on using tech to tell African stories

Built in Africa focuses on entrepreneurs, startups and technologies that are born on the continent and empower its citizens. In this, the fourth instalment of our “Built in Africa” series, we feature Rwandan entrepreneur Akaliza Keza Gara, who runs a web development ag…
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Tel Aviv Food – City of Contrasts

Tel Aviv Food – City of Contrasts – for Woolworths Taste Magazine March 2014

telaviv-page-001 Woolworths Taste telaviv-page-002

Steadfastly independent, Tel Aviv remains a wondrous Israeli anomaly. The city is a composite of liberal attitudes, chic café-lined boulevards, rowdy bars and the evergreen staples of its mu…

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Featured: Food & Home Entertaining Feb 2014

Featured: Food & Home Entertaining

Food & Home Entertaining Feb 2014,  did a feature on the objects we collect.

Here I am , featured with my wee fabric collection – from markets, kiosks and material shops from Cambodia to Sapança.

Food and home entertaining

The post Featured: Food & Home Enter…

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The Perfect Trousers: Let Me Introduce You

Look, I am sure that these won't work for EVERYONE. But for most ladies they will, and I feel it would be remiss of me not to tell you about the most perfect trousers that I have ever found. To the point where I have pretty much replaced three quarters of my trouser wa…
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Turtle Island: What Not to do around Bali

TRAVEL INDONESIA: A Month in Bali and Gili Trawangan Travel Indonesia Blog: Turtle Island - What Not to do around Bali After my very first night in Bali I was awoken early in the morning my Alit – the snorting local who fetched me from the airport. Rubbing my eyes I wa…

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Heat City House Party

As house parties go, the Heat City House Party was quite alright. Five of Durban’s best underground acts and a couple hundred revelers going buck in a Durban North home is a guaranteed good time. If you weren’t there, shame on you, here’s what you missed.



*All ima…

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Twitter stops the teasing, rolls out new look to everyone

We’ve been teased for nearly a month but finally we get to have the new interface that looks incredibly familiar. As we’ve stated before the new interface takes a page from it’s bigger brother in the social world, Facebook. You can update your own account right now. It…
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The Mouth Moves But No Sound Comes Out

"You know I'm not really here, right?"
"Can I talk to you anyway?"
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Popcorn Time: what the ‘Netflix you always wanted’ taught us about ourselves

I think it is pretty safe to say that we have all done it. We have succumbed to the peer pressure of the masses and we have buckled. We have tasted freedom and we liked it. We liked it so much that we want more; now; and forever! I am of course talking about torrenting…
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Terminally ill woman takes finals walks with Oculus Rift (video)


There are so many gaming devices out there that can have far reaching uses – much more than merely gaming and home entertainment. This week we have seen a noble use for the Oculus Rift. A terminally ill woman’s wishes were able to come true one last time.

Roberta Firs…

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Vodacom tablet repair no update update

It’s been a while since I updated you on how my tablet repair is getting on. And that’s because it had been a while since Vodacom updated me on how my tablet repair was getting on.

Just to jog your memory, it was dropped in (not literally) at their Anal Walk store on t…

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5 simple innovations that changed motoring forever (and one that could)

The global car market is an arms race between a, relatively, large number of manufacturers owned by a much smaller number of big companies. In that race, the best a manufacturer can hope for is that it can bring an entirely new innovation to market before any of its co…
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Context in Content

There is a new C-word circulating through the marketing fraternity, and it isn’t at all what you think it is.

Content Marketing – it’s all the rage. The term “Content Marketing” was typed into Google’s search bar more often in 2013 than any other year. Businesses and m…

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The King is Dead. Long Live the King.

The Camp Pan male leopard is no more. This is not actually the case, but given that this is the first of April and the leopard himself is certainly getting older, I thought it might be interesting to consider what would happen should he pass on into the happy hunting g…
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My Mother’s Day Wish List

So previously I wouldn’t have thought of for all things glam, fabulous and down right I-Must-Have-This-Right-Now! But I guess I should have looked a little sooner! Here’s my very big, hint-hint-nudge-nudge-wink-flutters-eyelashes wish list!





1.) Canon …

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‘Sometimes its better to be heard, than to be paid’ – Wat Kyk Jy? interviews Filth

Ek is onlangs pleasantly verras deur 'n solid rock debuutalbum wat vir my gemail is. Die band is Filth en hulle album se naam is 'Dirty Laundry' wat heeltemal gratis (soos in betaal nul fokken Rand!) beskikbaar is hier.

Gesels ek toe mos met hulle bassist Zack Emmanue…

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Easter Weekend

b1 b2

I cant believe easter weekend is over already! We planned a getaway to the Eco estate Springer Baai on the Garden route and I cant believe how beautiful it was! We were so lucky to have wildlife on the one side and endless stretches of beach on the other. Our house a…

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Meet the Osteoid, a 3D-printed cast that actually makes your bones heal faster

Bone fractures plague millions around the world annually, yet progress in the realm of treatment and technology have been sluggish at best since the introduction of the plaster cast in the early 1800s. Traditional casts are inconvenient in many ways: they often get itc…
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Adventures in Ethiopia – Christmas Mass in Lalibela

Facebook sucks at innovation and its products fail a lot

In a few short weeks millions, okay thousands, of Facebook developers will descend on San Francisco to attend the social network’s famed developer conference — F8. The event has been on a three-year hiatus since Facebook went public, but it seems to have come back in f…
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“Pinotage is the juice extracted from women’s tongues and lion’s hearts.  After having a sufficient quantity one can talk forever and fight the devil” – Kanonkop Wine Estate Everyone wants something uniquely South African to take home, whether it’s a traditional Africa…
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The Week in Pictures #121

As the world is changing and humans continue to populate this world, as we pollute the lands, the air as well as destroy populations of natures great beings, will we one day look back, will we someday turn around and see what we have done? Will there be a wild land for…
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Mhangeni Pride: Pushing East

The Mhangeni pride continue to surprise us with where they rear their heads. This morning they were found well East of their core territory, right up against Sparta Pride territory. With the heavy rains over the past week or so, a lot of territorial animals will be for…
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You are fantastic

PC vs Console Gamers

Addo to Karoo – the beauty of Mountain Zebra National Park

Maybelline Clear & Smooth Shine Free Powder {Beauty Review}


I am prone to oily skin so I love a good shine free powder that doesn’t end up looking cakey! When I saw this promising and inexpensive powder from Maybelline I definitely knew I had to give it a try.

What they say:
For perfectly matte, even skin that lasts all day. T…

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Who said rugby players don’t dive and fake injury…this rugby fight is glorious [video]

We all know soccer players have a reputation for faking injury in the hopes of tricking the referee into giving them a penalty or even get an opponent sent off hey. The dramatic ‘tv dive’ has been perfected over the years with some soccer stars regularly giving Oscar w…

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Die grootste rugby fight op aarde

The first ever YouTube video was posted on this day, 9 years ago


For most of us, imaging a world without YouTube almost seems impossible. The service has become such a big part of life in the digital age that thinking of it not being here anymore sends one into a panic.

Whether you use the term ‘YouTube’ as a noun, a verb (YouTubin…

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Good Vibrations!

That awkward moment when you realise that Marky Mark from the famous track, Good Vibrations, is actually Mark Wahlberg.

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Channel O & Vuzu Add New Presenters To Line-Up

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K-Naomi is presenting the new season of viewer generated music show, iRequest Editions, which aired on 12 April on Channel O. The second year Vega School Brand Management student says, “I love iRequest Editions because we get to interact with the viewers and let …

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Carob coated vegan rice cakes

The Chocolate Tree of Orange Grove offers a wide range of coated rice cakes that are suitable for vegans. They are also free from gluten and sucrose and are also suitable for diabetics. These delicious, healthy and sweet snacks are available in 350g regular size cakes …

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5 Square Enix franchises Sony’s really going to miss

By now you’ll no doubt have heard the news that, in an effort to lift its profits and minimise loss, Sony Computer Entertainment has sold off its shares in game publisher Square Enix, producers of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts among many others. The 9.52-million sha…
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