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Annual Events in Cape Town

Cape Town, the second biggest city in South Africa, is a constant buzz with festivals, concerts and events each month. There’s always something going on for every occasion, from wine-tasting to open-air theatre plays. Let’s have a look at some of the upcoming events in…

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Angry Birds Epic: Fail or Win?

Angry Birds Epic: Fail or Win?

From the makers of Angry Birds Season, Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Friends and Bad Piggies, Rovio takes it a step further and brings you Angry Birds Epic.  This new release is an RPG  version of the Angry Birds franchise and it’s way mor…

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Best spots for high tea in South Africa

12 of the best things to eat and drink in Reunion

Banana Split with Milk Tart Ice-cream

Banana Banana, believe it or not has never been my favorite fruit! Maybe it is because I was taught to believe that bananas are fattening!

Banana has too much sugar and you must eat it when it is almost mushy to get the optimum nutritional value from it and so it goes on and …

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Download The Gumbo Ya-Ya’s Debut Album

Out of the ashes of The Future Primitives rises a garage rock phoenix, The Gumbo Ya-Ya’s.

We never got to see The Future Primitives in Durban, which, from what I hear, is a great shame. Thankfully for us, out of the ashes a new garage rock phoenix has risen, The Gumbo…

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Great apes face extinction, Goodall

Primatologist Dr Jane Goodall ©AFP

According to Dr Jane Goodall, the loss of habitat and climate change will see that the great apes: chimpanzees, gorillas, bonobos, orangutans and gibbons are pushed to extinction in coming years, if people don't act soon.

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The post Great apes face extincti…

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7 stats that will change the way you look at the South African mobile space

Mobile doesn’t just matter in South Africa. It pretty much defines the country’s technological landscape. We are, after all, talking about a country with more SIM cards than people (mobile penetration is at around 128%). It’s how the majority of people in the country a…
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BWB TV Review: The Brilliant LG G3


Last year LG released one of the most critically acclaimed smartphones of the year, the LG G2. After rebranding the old Optimus brand, the LG G2 was the successor to the Optimus G, at least in spirit. The LG G2 completely set itself apart from the Optimus G, though, a…

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Koos Bekker predicts print media will be dead within 20 years

Former Naspers CEO Koos Bekker predicts that print media will be extinct within the next 20 years. Speaking in a video interview at the Future of Media conference, Bekker prefaced this prediction by pointing out that prediction is a fool’s game. “My recent predictions …
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Bloggers, fashionista’s and budding photographers, have I got just the thing for you! How gorgeous are these camera straps from the iMoShop. Come vintage or the latest Canon, let the iMoshop set you apart from the rest!

il_570xN.273028960il_570xN.280075364il_570xN.280150321il_570xN.500390301_5xh6il_570xN.508998043_o4goil_570xN.454283308_5wlaphoto 1photo 2

We got the stripy green one – a great unisex str…

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The Water In A Glass

If you blame everyone else for who you are when you fail, I hope you remember to credit them when you succeed.
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Gavin Rajah Rips Zuhair Murad Off

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Everyone wants to know – if it is not plagiarism, how did it happen?

A lot of people still have not managed to lift their jaws from the floor since an image surfaced of a Gavin Rajah dress that was featured in his Autumn/Winter Collection which he showcased at t…

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#Bringbackourgirls, Lwandle, Gaza and detaching from this world

It started with the #Bringbackourgirls campaign. I hadn’t followed the story closely, but when I read articles to make sense of what had happened, I couldn’t make sense of it. I tried to imagine people coming into my school and taking away the students and there being …
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Here’s why your electricity bill has doubled or tripled over the past month in Cape Town

Have you checked your electricity bill lately…you should coz you may be in for a rather kak surprise. Someone asked me yesterday to do some digging into abnormally high electricity bills in Cape Town so i asked and a fair amount of people responded saying their bill su…

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Show Love To A #Proverbs31Woman

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At the beginning of this month, a couple of us embarked on the #ProverbsChallenge as a way to remind ourselves and one another of the Wisdom shared in the Book of Proverbs. It has been quite a journey. An eye opening journey, challenging but so fulfilling, and em…

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“A great album cover is an extension of the work put into the music.” – Watkykjy interviews Canadian band, Hedley

Dave Rosin from hedleySo you flip through the TV channels in South Africa and that catchy tune comes up in one of the TV adverts – “I can do anything”, you find yourself singing with, perhaps asking yourself “Who the fuck does this song?”  You don’t have to Shazam it – it is done by Hedley.…

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Pierce Brosnan Looks Pretty Badass In ‘The November Man’. Here’s The Extended Trailer.

Peter Devereaux (Pierce Brosnan) is an extremely dangerous and highly trained ex-CIA agent/James Bond/art thief, who is lured out of quiet retirement on a very personal mission – to kill his best friend and most promising protégé. He has to protect ex-bond girl Olga Ku…

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Bunny Chow – What’s in a Name?

Bunny Chow

bunny chow-

Fiery-hot curry, ladled into hollowed-out soft, white bread cut into halves or quarters and known affectionately as a ‘bunny chow’ has become a staple and mainstay of the Durban food scene. For SAA Sawubona magazine July 2014

While South Africans have been …

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7 Perfect Selfie Poses

7 Perfect Selfie Poses

Smile     Smiling is always the perfect pose! You can play around with different smiles, of course. A closed-mouth coy smile can be great if you are shy about your teeth, and a wide, teethy grin can be just as flattering. No matter what, a smile is one of the m…

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This is Claudi Pieterse

Last week Thursday we posted a picture in the Random Gevaaalikhede of Claudi Pieterse. The picture was viewed over 85 000 times, so I think it's safe to say that Claudi was popular feature in that particular Random Gevaaalikhede. E-mails and tweets asking for more has …

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Miracle Gaza Baby Dies

  I can’t still understand this GazaUnderAttack. Why are ordinary civilians being killed in the name of self defense.  This babie’s mum was pregnant when she was killed. When the mum arrived at the hospital, they felt something moving and this baby was born in an emerg…
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Chicken Casserole with Brie and broccoli!

chicken casserole

Chicken Casserole seems like such a simple dish to make, but if you get it wrong, you end up with a dismal mess!

Chicken casserole for me has to be creamy and full of flavor. The chicken pieces must still be identifiable, there is nothing I hate more than dishing up s…

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Directions To The Love Conference Venue

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Hi All, For those who might need them:

Directions from N1 highway (past Rivonia Road driving towards William Nicol)

  1. take the William Nicol offramp and turn left at the the traffic lights into William Nicol. (If you’re coming from Beyers Naude side you t…
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Kayamandi township tour in Stellenbosch

@RobHillSr Is In South Africa!! #LoveConference

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OMG! Heart palpitations! It’s happening, it’s really happening! Rob Hill Sr, the Heart Healer is in South Africa and we made it happen!!!!

Rob landed yesterday around 5pm and we immediately rushed him to Power FM for one of the best interviews I’ve hea…

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The six players to look out for in the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational

The WGC-Bridgestone Firestone is possibly the most valued World Golf Championship and, as a result, it lures the best in the game to Akron, Ohio, each year. Seven Southern Africans will be teeing it up on the South Course at Firestone Country Club from Thursday. Tim Cl…

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Max Weber on capitalism and religion

What must surely count as one of the shrewdest, albeit debatable, accounts of the distinctive traits of capitalism was penned by the justly famous German sociologist Max Weber in his controversial book, The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism of 1930 (London:…
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10 industries for the next 10 years

In a gold rush, you want to be the guy selling the spades.

For numerous reasons, the world is experiencing a radical shift in its economic landscape.

Brands are rapidly finding themselves trading as a commodity as a result of developments, which have literally SUPERSIZ…

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Cortana keeps getting smarter

CortanaMobile voice assistants are becoming much more than a party trick nowadays. The modern voice assistant approach allows the service to emanate from an online cloud perspective. Thus the developers can update the service with more features when ever they are developed. R…

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Elephant poachers penetrate South African borders again

This Little Light of Mine...

This Blog is being written by Allie Lerude and Paul Morrow…

Today started off as a typical South African Day at Bridges Academy.  We taught classes to the Sweet Home kids,  fed them,  played with them,  loved them and did our best to teach them about things such as Grac…
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SABC 2′s Mapaseka Mokwele Joins The #LoveConference Panel

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It gives me great pleasure to announce that SABC 2′s Motswako Host, Mapaseka Mokwele will be joining the Love Conference on Saturday, 2 August. Finally, we got her :-)

Whenever I can, I listen to her on radio and the woman is amazing! She may not b…

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First Data buys out Vinny Lingham’s Gyft in $50m+ deal

Gyft, the virtual gift card service founded by South African-born entrepreneur Vinny Lingham has been acquired by First Data, a big player in the payment technology and services space. Neither party has disclosed the terms of deal, although early Gyft investors have ex…
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Afrikaburn 2014 Diary & Visual Diary of a Burner Virgin

AFRIKABURN 2014 DIARY: First Impressions and Lessons Learned from a Burner Virgin It's strange to be back in rainy and wintery Cape Town after a week in the Karroo desert - where it is so hot during the day that the moisture literally gets sucked out of your body throu…

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Cyprus in Winter – Off Season Travel

Cyprus in Winter


Perhaps it goes against all conventional wisdom to visit a country known for its splendid summers of sea, sand and sippable chilled wine, during winter. But a late Cypriot winter holds drawcards aplenty, as Ishay Govender-Ypma discovers. Article in Bu…

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Meet The Finalists: Sprite Uncontainable Talent Search

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The Sprite Uncontainable hip hop talent search finalists have been announced! After just shy of 5 000 mobile studio and fan submissions were received, judges Reason, Mernoly Simba and Mars have selected the most uncontainable contestants in the emcee, dance, graf…

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Win Tickets To #SpriteHipHop Event This Weekend

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So you’ve read all about the Sprite Uncontainable Final Event taking place this Saturday in Soweto and you’re  thinking  ”Mmmh.. I don’t have R100 for a ticket but I’d love to go!”. Well, worry not, we are JC, and we got you covered! :-)

Read about the Sprite Uncoin…

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The culottes trend will be huge for Spring/Summer…will you be wearing it ? For more trends follow Fashionjazz  on pinterest




















Posted by Jasna of Fashionjazz

The post THE CULOTTES TREND appeared first on Fashionjazz.

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Zombie Cartoon Characters

Stoute Boudjies – One of the leading causes of draties at work

Het jy al ooit in die werk se badkamer ingestap, gesien dat een van die cubicles beset is, maar niks geruik nie?  Jy mag dalk by jouself dink "Die arme hardlywige siel", wat jou dalk 'n nice persoon maak.  Die realiteit mag dalk baie meer boos wees - iemand is besig om…

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What ‘City Slickers’ can Learn from ‘Bush Dwellers’

From the surgeon general’s approach to smoking in the 1950s, to the poetry of Mary Oliver, to what we can learn from the way that a lion spends its day, what follows is an exploratory conversation with Boyd Varty on “living in the bush.” Ryan: The “healing power of nat…
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A Kill And A Steal

I am still reeling from the drama that had unfolded in front of my eyes a few mornings ago. Our tracker had spotted a lone leopard (which our ranger later identified as Dudley Riverbank 5:5) in the midst of our early morning drive. We approached it slowly but just as o…
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Black Light Bodyscapes by John Poppleton

John Poppleton is a portrait photographer. In one of his projects he painted landscaped on female models with florescent pigment. He then put the models under black lights and photographed these mesmerizing images. John has done some interesting work with black lights …

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Braai time at the cricket

On Sunday (19th Jan) the Titans are taking on the Knights at SuperSport Park. Yeah, OK... and why am I telling you this? Well, because in addition to some awesome T20 action, there's going to be a little braai competition as well.

Titans/SuperSport Park T20 Cricket Shisa Nyama My good friends over at Ridgeback Vi…
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Gearbox gripes: Should we hate the CVT as much as we do?

Bundle a bunch of random people into a cramped room, surreptitiously lock the door and quietly introduce the topic of automobile transmissions. Chances are, the group will immediately fracture into two opposing camps: one overwhelmingly in favour of self-shifting gearb…
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Interstellar looks like an awesome film…my kinda movie [trailer]

I’ve never seen the first Sharknado and this morning Sharknado 2 is doing the rounds and i don’t care how many people rave about it, i’m not planning on watching that either. I did however stumble upon the new trailer for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming movie Intertellar

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First Data acquires Gyft, founded by SA born entrepreneur


Payment technology solution provider First Data has acquired mobile gift card platform Gyft, which was founded by SA born Vinny Lingham. It offers a mobile app that lets consumers organize, shop for and send gift cards to others. The company first launched its service…

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Travel day

The team leaves this evening, please pray for safe travels, health, and for the two camps and their time in Sweet Home to be a blessing to those people they will be helping transform their own community.  The community development we do in Sweet Home is all lead by loc…
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International rugby player speaks out about captive lions