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Win a R500 voucher with and the new Maps Maponyane collection

Ok you should all know who Maps Maponyane is hey…the actor, model and South Africa’s best-dressed man title holder. The man just drips style. Well Maps has collaborated with leading online fashion retailer to bring you his first fashion label, The Maps X Sp…

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Bandwidth Blog On Air Exclusive: Interview with John Bernard

In an exclusive this week on Bandwidth Blog On Air, we bring you an interview with John Bernard, the Global Director of Marketing, Firefox OS, from Day 2 of AfricaCom 2015.

In this interview, we sit down to discuss the award-winning Alcatel Orange KLIF, what’s on the h…

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The Body Shop Honey Bronze Dry Oil { BEAUTY REVIEW }


I am an absolute sucker for anything with the promise of making me into a shimmering bronze goddess ( a girl can dream cant she! ) and when I saw this dry oil from The Body Shop I just had to have it. My main problem with body bronzers is that they tend to be in cream…

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Learn Creativity From Industry Leaders Via Latest Heavy Chef Edition

Digital learning initiative Heavy Chef recently launched the Campaigns Edition – the third issue of its

quarterly magazine. Focusing on The Exponential Return On Creativity, this 80-page bumper edition

features exclusive content by some of the biggest names in marketin…

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Google reveals it could remotely access 74% of Android devices

A new report has cited that if ordered by a court, Apple and Google are able to remotely change your passcode on devices running older versions of iOS or Android.

The document in question was prepared by the New York District Attorney’s Office, and examines the role of…

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1 December

That Comedy Show - Jason Goliath - Durban Is Yours



The 031 Entertainment Co. have been going all out lately with bringing some of the freshest comedy acts to Durban. Their latest import is Jason Goliath of Jozi’s comedy dons Goliath & Goliath and he’ll be making you laugh at S43 with another Joburger, Suhayl Essa,…

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Recently I got the chance to visit the Shimansky store in Tyger Valley to check out some of their collections and choose 5 gifts I know my readers and myself would love for christmas.


I  am a  huge fan of Shimansky, they have so many different collections  so when I …

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Apple Makes Older iPhones Slower Before New Releases

Apple Makes Older iPhones Slower Before New Releases
The theory that Apple releases software that purposely makes your older iPhones slower, could be real. RELATED: iPhone 6 v iPhone 6s Camera Comparison A recent study undertaken by Laura Trucco from Harvard University seems to suggest that this “slow iPhone” pheno…
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Festive Fashion At Poetry

Here are a few of my favourite, festive-fashion-looks at Poetry! 

Christmas Cocktails

2016 – new you, new work-wear . . .

Casual luncheon

New Job? New look!


Happy weekend!

Time for tea!

What ever the occasion this festive season – there’s a little something fest…

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24 Days Of Christmas: Day 3

Set the scene and create an on trend kitchen with Mono Online Store & Know Your Stuff Art Prints.


1x set wooden spoons
1x tray (large chevron)
1x medium utensil holder (the smaller one of the 2)
6x tall coffee mugs
2 x A3 prints (Know Your Knives & Know Your Beef …

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Wat klink beter as Die Antwoord se Fatty Boom Boom? ‘n Metal cover daarvan.

Die-Antwoord-fatty-boom-boomMoerse thanks aan Heindrich wat op hierdie kak afgekom het en vir ons aangestuur het. ‘n Metal cover van Die Antwoord se Fatty Boom Boom. Alliepad uit Norway uit deur ‘n bra genaamd Leo en dit klink befok! Norwegians is maar fokken weirdos, maar hulle smaak hulle metal…

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Xbox One Elite Controller Review

Xbox One Elite Controller Review
After testing it out for 2 weeks, comparing it to its closest competitor, the Scuf controller, and finding every possible alternative control scheme for it. I can finally give you my verdict on the Xbox One Elite Controller, and I have to admit, it is one of the …
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Festive Pavlova with Lime and fresh berries!

Festive Pavlova

Festive Pavlova it is indeed. You can tone it up or down, it always has a jaw-drop effect on your guests.

I make a festive Pavlova often, Valentine’s Day is always a good enough occasion and also Easter. I even have a festive pavlova recipe for when the end of the mon…

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Google’s ‘Star Wars’ Easter egg is totally amazing

Can you tell that the folks at Google are excited for Star Wars: The Force Awakens? We’ve already told you about the Google app makeover, which allows you to choose between the light and the dark side, but did you know that it’s also built a special Star Wars Easter eg…

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Recently I got the chance to visit the Shimansky store in Tyger Valley to check out some of their collections and choose 5 gifts I know my readers and myself would love for christmas.


I  am a  huge fan of Shimansky, they have so many different collections  so when I …

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Hello… Wil Jy Braai? A South African Adele Cover

Adele’s “Hello” seems to be taking the world by storm & her latest album is breaking all sorts of records, which is all good and well… so it’s no surprise that here in South Africa someone would cover the song, combining it with something else we’re fanatical about: BR…

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24.11.Braai Boy


Season is in full swing, so much so its hard to keep up with everything, but there have been some awesome launches I have attended..



Recently The Body Shop at Tygervalley unveiled their new store,  we got a chance to see all their  new products whilst s…

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6 tips for creating effective back links for your websites

The intrinsic quality of the back link is derived from the content from where it is generated. In order to reeve maximum benefit from a back link it is essential that it is factually collaborated with the content. The content which carries the back link should be able …

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28 November

Winston Battle of the Bands - Durban Is Yours



The finals of Battle of the Bands are always interesting and this Saturday at The Winston Pub should be no different. 4 bands have made it through and each of them are fantastic in their own right. Mouse, Feat of Famine, Dead Pan Doll and Super Lama will be battli…

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Happy Days Are Here With Vodacom Summer!

20 successful years of backing independent news — Q&A with MDIF’s Mohamed Nanabhay

The media world has seen major disruptions since the advent of the web, especially when it comes to social media and mobile. While there are a handful of publications and platforms reaping the profits, most are struggling to keep their heads above water. This pressure …

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5 essential productivity apps for your new iPhone 6S

After waiting for a good while, you finally have your hands on a new iPhone 6S. While you probably bought it for its style, ease of use and photography prowess, it’s also an office workhorse just waiting to help make that nine-to-five even shorter. In that case, perhap…

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Wide angle of trust

Comment on Win tickets to the last Park Acoustics for 2015 by braaiboy

Mr Headger,
Tarin Mudaly,
Lizette Mills,
Shae and

you each won a Park Acoustics ticket and some free chow.

Hit me up on twitter or via the contact form here on my site with your contact details so that we can organise your prize for you.

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24.11.Braai Boy

Galaxy S7 slated to bring MicroSD back, curvier Edge

While Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have seen a mixed reaction from consumers and market spaces, the Korean firm looks to be making some interesting returns with the production of the forthcoming Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

While the Galaxy S6 introduced speedy Universal …

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Captain America Civil War trailer shows off Black Panther

Marvel and Disney have been doing an excellent job of interweaving story threads and hints throughout their TV shows and movies. The next big Marvel movie starts a superhero civil war while exploring some of these threads.
You may want to watch Age of Ultron before rea…

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Anonymous vs ISIS: the war is now truly underway

Last week on Memburn we reported to you that shadowy internet collective Anonymous had declared cyber-war on terrorist group ISIS following the horrific Paris attacks. Writing on its blog, Anonymous announced #OpParis, “an operation that’s focused in identifying the pe…

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Many Android apps send unnecessary hidden data

After learning yesterday that Google can access around 74% of all Android devices it doesn’t come as a shock that many Android apps send a lot of data back to app manufacturers and the like. what is interesting is how much of this data is actually a total waste. MIT re…

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Captain America: Civil War Trailer :))

Typical of Marvel to drop a trailer for their next movie many many months before the actual movie to ensure that their marketing team make the most of the time running up to the epic. Expected in May 2016, Captain America: Civil War sees the Cap’ go up against Iron Man…

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Comment on Win tickets to the last Park Acoustics for 2015 by Charissa Camarinha

because this is the best park acoustics line-up that has ever graced my eyes and being a person that actually goes for the music, I’d love to lose myself in it.
the pulled pork burger also sounds like a winner.

maad love

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24.11.Braai Boy

27 November

Misfits - November - Durban Is Yours


Do you like Drum & Bass? Then you already know about Misfits. Right? Don’t like Drum & Bass? Misfits will probably change that. This monthly shindig at The Winston has grown from month to month and is now a firm favourite of jollers who like their electronic music o…

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So you’ve managed to direct more traffic to your website. What now?

With more than a million registered South African websites, it is hardly surprising that grabbing the attention of visitors looking for local content is a challenge. Here are a few tips to help keep your audience engaged with your site once they access it.
1. First imp…

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Comment on Coming out my closet… by Adin Walls

British Fashion Awards Red Carpet

The Brits are rounding off the year with their annual British Fashion Awards and these stars and starlets walked the red carpet in their most fashionable garments. anna-wintour-karl-lagerfeld-bfa-arrivals-vogue-23nov15-rex_b_426x639

Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld posed together. I’m still curious as to how old Karl really is. I love m…

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The Suzuki Vitara: first impressions

Motorburn readers with a long memory might recall the original Suzuki Vitara, released nearly 30 years ago. Those with a slightly shorter memory might recall the Grand Vitara, the slightly larger, more well-equipped version that launched a little later. The current Vit…

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Welsyn se soutpiel album nou beskikbaar op vinyl

Willim Welsyn is vir some rede deesdae meer bekend vir sy ‘WAT’ podcasts waar hy sulke ou ooms, hipsters en hippies in sy garage interview. Waddefok?! Of is dit WAT de Fok?

Either way word die iTunes charts eweskielik getop en die mense tune in soos hulle het in die da…

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Leaked renders reveal the Huawei Mate 8

Huawei may have just recently unveiled the Mate S – the newest flagship amongst Huawei’s growing legion of premium contenders – the company doesn’t appear to be finished with its 2015 product releases just yet.

New leaks depict the forthcoming Huawei Mate 8 in all angl…

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Jeff Bezos joins Twitter, sends totally bad-ass first tweet

Billionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has joined Twitter and his first tweet is combination of totally awesome bravado and a subtle-but-not-subtle dig at Elon Musk.
You see, the tweet contains a link to video footage of Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket taking off, flying to i…

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Arcade Fire Release 8min Trailer for Upcoming Film

The Reflektor Tapes, out September 24th is a film by Arcade Fire. So far all the internet knows is that it features frontman Win Butler singing into the camera, and footage from the bands hugely successful world tour of Reflektor. Pour a cup, sit back and enjoy. It’s F…

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Can we shrink the artist’s studio down to the size of a tablet?

Technology has replaced the artist’s studio with a small, portable, and affordable tablet computer. Not only can digital artists produce high-quality publishable work, they can be more productive than with traditional media. When I landed my book contract with Greg LeM…

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Xiaomi launches its latest flagship, the Redmi Note 3

Durex launches the first official safe sex emoji

Global sexual wellbeing brand, Durex has launched an international campaign calling for the creation of the world’s first official safe sex emoji, ahead of World AIDS Day on 1 December 2015. Now that emoji are more racially diverse, the next logical step was tackling s…

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Comment on Coming out my closet… by peter

Sophia Bush Style Watch, June 2014

I have always adored Sophia Bush. Yes, from her One Tree Hill days. I think that I watched every single episode of that series. And considering it ran for NINE YEARS and involved a dog eating someone's stolen heart, I need points for perseverance in the face of signifi…
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I am so in love with this top from Glamorous from Shopbop, I paired it with my cobalt blue skirt and bright yellow bag which I wore to the RUA launch recently.  I feel like my style is changing a bit, maybe its my hair or my age as I just turned 34 a few days ago, but …

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Allison Williams is All White in Dolce + Gabbana

Sometimes they can still shock you. Allison Williams has always been honest about how hard she works at getting her style just right. Despite this, it has actually evolved over the past few years and she really has nailed that Park Avenue Preppy Princess in Oscar de la…
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So What Have I Learnt From Blogging?

So I’ve been doing this blogging thing for a while now. Ten years actually. Other than staying alive, it’s the longest I’ve done anything. So what have I learnt from my longest running love? Beside the joys of an almost free lunch, the biggest benefit of a decade long,…

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The IoT Focus: how can SA make the most of the Internet of Things [Video]

About this content.

When it comes to reporting on the Internet of Things, you’ll often see publishers referring to the massive numbers surrounding this vast network of connected sensors embedded in everyday objects.
They will, for instance, talk about the 5-billion or …

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Taylor Swift Style Update, June 2014

Taylor Swift has been rocking a sidewalk show in New York and on tour, stepping out every day in a cool, summery outfit that encapsulates her signature personal style elements. I love how she combines high end fashion with high street purchases. Dresses from Urban Outf…
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