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Air Source Heat Pump & Ground Source Heat Pump Systems

raw salmon salad with fennel, radish and beetroot & the beautiful tintswalo atlantic

I made this fresh salmon salad with shaved fennel and radish on a bed of rocket as a way to remember Tintswalo Atlantic where I was invited two weeks ago to experience their dinner club. Tintswalo has to be in one of the most spectacular locations in the country. Serio…
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Creativity, Love & Science

I can’t say the L word without vomiting slightly in my brain. And not pleasant unicorn vomit reeking of freshly cut grass and baby powder. But enough about me, let’s look at the bigger picture…

I’ve been considering human emotion recently. Being an INTJ personality I a…

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Grand Designs

I’m a huge fan of the Grand Designs show. The only thing stopping me from building my own architect-designed, avant-garde, leftfield, off-the-wall, out-of-the-box, modern eco-home from innovative materials and using a new twist on traditional building techniques, is mo…

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Building Blue Chip Ecommerce Sites: The Learnings

Retailers offering an online experience has long been an expectation in developed markets. With increased investment and growth in connectivity on our continent, I would hazard to guess consumers will have similar expectations in 5 years’ time. Failure to consider your…

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Digital Retail Renaissance

Until quite recently, retailers had a reputation for being luddites, falling behind their peers in banking and healthcare in technology-driven innovation. With razor-thin margins, who could blame them for resisting the additional investment in digital led growth.
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Moti Mahal – Champagne and spice dinner with Gosset

As every schoolboy knows, the only drink that should correctly be served with curry is beer.  Right?  Well, sort of.  It is true that beer does complement spicy food rather well and that you would struggle to go wrong if you ordered a beer with a curry.  And this is no…
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dumb ways to die

i don’t know if this has come your way yet, but i think it  epitomises australian humor and gets the message across in the most clever, funny and catchy way. don’t be surprised if you find yourself singing along.Filed under: life
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22 Pictures with Ted

It is weird how the world works,  particularly when it comes to friendship. It basically comes down to, somewhere, somehow in your life you meet someone, who you really get along with, and you just begin to do “stuff” together. This is something I have experienced in m…
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This week I got to style some fabulous clothes from some amazing stores at Tyger Valley,  I can see myself wearing all of these items, they are all perfect for Spring and Summer.



If you are looking for every  day chic pieces that go well together  and ma…

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Random Gevaaalikhede is laat

Right, jammer julle het nie gister Random Gevaaalikhede gekry nie. Shit happens en gister het dit op 'n groot skaal gebeur. Die gaan nie 'n goeie week wees vir my nie, ek voel dit. Om jammer te sê dat die Random Gevaaalikhede 'n hele dag laat is het ek besluit om so pa…

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Lessons learnt from when the Public Protector took the Mail & Guardian to court

The Public Protector has dominated the news yet again this year, and I’m sure this has been the year with the most coverage in the Public Protector’s history. One thing that has been outstanding is the debate around the powers of the Office of the Public Protector. The…
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The Call of the Wild

My name is Amy Attenborough and I’m a born and bred South African. I began guiding for the same reasons so many other young South Africans do, because my childhood trips into the Kruger National Park and my father’s total passion for the natural world had instilled in …
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Blame Apple

The President of Finland is blaming Apple for his country’s economic downturn.

The Apple iPhone, he says, killed Nokia and the iPad has put a serious dent in the nation’s paper industry.

Of course he’s not incorrect in assuming that Apple is partly to blame for the sh…

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The Week in Pictures #127: The Week that Never Was

There is a time in life when one looks back to understand our path. Where we have been and where we are going. How each decision may affect the next page in our story and determine which steps we take down that road. When we look back we see the change, we see the grow…
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Yes You CAN Wear Skinny Jeans! Yes, Even You.

One of the quickest ways to stay looking relevant and modern as we age, is to keep in style. Contemporary style right now dictates that you put away your bootleg jeans and embrace the skinny jean. But many of you are resisting because you think you can’t wear them. Wel…
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Winning at Ecommerce - 6 things to think about

The Internet permeates nearly every corner of our lives, sponging our attention like a super sopper on a rain-spolied game of cricket. It’s becoming less magical, less mysterious. A vital tool that we now rely on daily/hourly/secondly(?) to make life easier.

With mass-…

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My latest music videos

Okay well they’re not so much music videos as the […]
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Senior Community Manager – Durban

Our ideal applicant is a balanced blend of copywriter, strategist, analyst, customer service specialist and karaoke wunderkind.We need someone who cares just as much about the brands they work on as the people their brands are talking to. Community Manager may be the t…

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World Rhino Day 2014

Poaching has cast a dark cloud over the future of our rhinos and often our thoughts are associated with despair and sadness when we consider the fragile future of these animals. Today, however I would like to celebrate their beauty, courage and immense power. If life i…
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Yardbird deur Michael Spiccia

yardbird michael spicciaA meisie met ‘n geheime verlede moet na vore tree om een van die dorp se boelies op te fok met die wapen waarvoor sy die bangste is – haarself. Hierdie short film het die potensiaal om in ‘n befokte vollengte film omgesekp te word.

Australiese director, Michale Spiccia…

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The Power Of Reflections

“Shapes distorted, dissected by the wind only to be reassembled into abstract designs, a beautiful illusionary canvas, ever moving.” ­– Christine Matthai.  As in any form of art, the artist is always looking for a new creative twist, something that will bring a new dim…
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Secretarybird dies, leaving behind valuable conservation information

10 reasons why your safari should include time in a hide

Senior Graphic Designer – Durban

Are you so in-tune with your creative self that you taste colours and hear shapes? WE WANT YOU!

We need a Senior Graphic Designer to join our box of crayons. We’re looking for a digital artist with an understanding of how to give the client what they want AND what they…

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Social Media Manager – Durban

An experienced and knowledgeable amazeballs superhuman who leads from the front. The first over the line, they live and breathe digital, social and marketing. Brands excite them, and great creative makes their heart pound. Part artist, part scientist, part colonel, thi…

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Around the World in Nine Photos

Do you love stories from around the world? Check out the work of the following nine photographers on and allow your imagination to take you away…

Nathanael‘s monochrome photo of the Star Lite Motel in Mt. Airy, North Carolina, conjures images of wayward r…

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Phenomenal photos of playful wild dog pups

ostrich fillet kebabs with zucchini tzatziki

Today is International Organic day so this recipe could not be more appropriate. The ostrich fillet is sourced from a farm in the Karoo where the birds run fairly wild and graze on the delicious vegetation of the area. You really can taste it in every bite. It makes a …
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Thoughts of a Real Economic Freedom Fighter

By Kameel Premhid

To much fanfare, a grouping called Economic Freedom Fighters launched when the political terrain changed. The purpose of this writing is neither to critique their political expediency nor their pipedream economics. I’ll leave that for another time.


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Don’t Hide Your Match Winners



South Africa have been accused, and with some reason, of being too one dimensional in the past. They have a plan, and they stick to it, and generally execute it well. It’s why they have risen to the top of Test cricket, and been ranked first in both ODI and T20 cric…

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Forever We are Changed...

Tonights Blog was written by Paul

We travelled half way around the world to experience God, to see his hand at work, to be his voice to these children here at Bridges Academy.  Each of us came with our own reason, our own need and our own expectations.  As you have read…
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Sunday Funday

Hello all!  Special hello to Mom and Dad—I love and miss you guys!

Today was awesome.  We kicked off this morning with church.  Caitlin and I led several worship songs then had the opportunity be included in the student’s worship—they are amazing.  It is such a blessin…

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Restore Some Faith Why Don’t You

This isn’t new, but neither is your face. Just kidding, your face is lovely and fresh looking. This video captures random acts of human goodness, it really does restore some faith in humanity.

I won’t lie, I nearly shed a tear… but it has been a long day and these shoe…

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You are Fantastic...

You truly are fantastic

dont think you are, know you are...

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Elephants worth more alive than dead

Yusuf Talia passes away

Yusuf Talia, despite his challenges with Muscular Dystrophy  was truly an inspiration to all that knew him.  He was the President of the MSA Union, vice president of the Wits SRC. He was also very active with the Free Palestine campaign. In his time at university he st…
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Keep your link building strategy away from your competitors

It’s been quite a while since I wrote anything about SEO on this blog, mostly because I’m working on SEO almost every single day at my company.  However, on a recent project I was inspired by a tactic that not too many people know about despite having been around for a…

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14 people

One thing in common…



  1. Go to South Africa
  2. Commit to seeing sustainable change and transformation in the township of Sweet Home through  a partnership with Bridges of Hope, and through the spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ

Introducing thi…

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Facebook’s 10 year Survival Plan

For a while now, traditional marketers and social media naysayers, and the hipsters, have doubted Facebook’s longevity. They’ve based their arguments on failed social networks like MySpace. And they’ve further validated this argument by highlighting a decline in users.…

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Tyisa Nabanye – Urban Farm in Cape Town

Hello, We are a non-profit urban agriculture organisation growing food on the slopes of Signal Hill in Cape Town, seeking to improve food security, promote sustainable livelihoods and create employment for our members. Tyisa Nabanye, consisting of eight members; Mzu…
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Pure Café, Greyton

Pure Cafe, Greyton, South AfricaPure Café is a vegan and vegetarian café serving, as far as possible, locally sourced, fresh, seasonal, organic produce. They also cater for special diets and provide nutritional guidance, recipes and healthy meals for patrons with specific health issues.

They are the …

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Reverie Chenin 2012 (and some other ramblings)

I love talking to winemakers. They are so wonderfully opinionated. And, most of the time, they have some sort of explanation for their opinions too. Whether it be philosophical, scientific, populist, or controversial, they all are damn sure they are
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