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Victoria’s Secret new ‘Perfect Body’ ad featuring skinny models sparks outrage [pic]

A new Victoria’s Secret campaign advertising The Perfect Body is recieving widespread complaints about it being offensive, irresponsible and promoting an abnormal or negative body image. The campaign, featuring 10 angels including SA’s Candice Swanepoel and Behati Prin…

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23 October


This week’s Carpe Durban features a mixture of Scandanavian trap/rap/hip-hop, local hip-hop and Qgom and whatever else Maskaninavian, DJ BRVTAL FRVIT, Gucci Napkins and DJ Jesse Eisenberg feel like throwing in the mix. The Facebook event explains it all. A student c…

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24 October

5 Free Emoji Apps

5 Free Emoji Apps

Tired of the standard emoji keyboard? We sorted you out with our pick of the 5 best and FREE emoji apps to help you express any mood you are in: RELATED: Emoji – Inspired Accessories 1. Emoji This emoji app consists of about 20 categories to choose just the rig…

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Ask Mark Zuckerberg anything in his first Q&A

facebook-question-600Facebook has an estimated 1.35 billion users and most of them have a lot of burning questions for the social media giant but usually they just talk among their friends and never truly get a straight answer. Well, following in the footsteps of Reddit’s “Ask me anything”…

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The Problem with the Honey Bees

The Problem with the Honey Bees  - CCD in South Africa

Around the world, the number of bees has dropped dramatically in recent years. Vital pollinators of many of our fruits and vegetables, beekeepers and farmers are on red alert. What are the reasons behind this sudde…

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10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Man Lies About How Hard it Actually is to be a White Dude

I watched the 10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman the other day, and my first thought was ‘I wish people noticed me when I walked in the streets’. The only people that ever speak to me are the people that want money from me, or help, or whatever it is they can’t get …

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Ol Pejeta Conservancy loses one of its northern white rhinos (not to poaching)

Wonderbag Recipe Pap and Chakalaka

So after we distributed the wonderbags out at Little Rose Winter warmers this year I was curious to see how pap can be made in the wonderbag. Amazingly quick. Five minutes on stove, 1 hour in wonderbag and it was done..   Pap in the wonderbag recipe What you need 2 cup…
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10 hours walking around as a drag queen, Skyrim character and white man

Earlier this week Hollaback — an organisation which works to combat public harassment — made a video of a woman walking around in New York City in order to demonstrate the amount of verbal abuse taking place on the streets. Using a hidden camera and walking around for …
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Be afraid, be very afraid (or maybe not): why you should take advantage of Halloween and other holidays

I have to admit that the Halloween holiday passes me by almost unnoticed every year. Apart from my cynical “What’s the point,” reaction, I see it as just another opportunity for companies to make more money – especially off the already-pressured parents of kids who wan…
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African women in tech: Nkem Begho on being geeky and manly in the tech space

“Women in tech are thought to be geeky and manly. They are thought to have no fashion sense and probably all wear nerd glasses. I find that women in tech are perceived as unsexy, however I believe that your profession has nothing to do with how you look or who you are …
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Triangle Bikini

 photo trainglesmall3_zpsda41a030.jpg

There is only one bikini you need for Summer and its definitely going to be from Triangl. Everyone has been lusting over the neoprene bikinis and I just had to get the pink and black one.

You can find them at

 photo triangl1small_zpscb7a0852.jpg

 photo triangle7small_zpsfda73930.jpg

 photo smalltriangle9_zps447757e5.jpg

 photo smalltriangle8_zpscaa8278a.jpg

 photo trianglesmall6_zpsec3e2e43.jpg

 photo trianglesmall10_zps220d97d2.jpg

 photo trianglsmall13_zps21c45af2.jpg

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Frozen and Captain America Mashup

Frozen and Captain America Mashup

Frozen is an amazing movie. Captain America is an amazing character. But we could have never predicted that the results of combining the two would be so cool! Thank you internet for this amazing Frozen and Captain America: The Winter Soldier mashup:

The post Fr…

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Burn Media Weekly Roundup #4: Tim Cook being gay, Wearable tech and Mich is leaving Memeburn for Google

Welcome to our Weekly Roundup, our weekly podcast that discusses tech trends, innovation and news. Joining this podcast edition is almost everyone from the Burn Media group. Under pseudonyms (in the spirit of Halloween), sitting around the table are Clarke Kent, Wolver…
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EX_MACHINA, Another AI Story

We, as an audience, used to be fine with black and white silent movies. Then Westerns, then about twenty years of buddy-cop movies and baddies armed with turtle necks and uzi submachine guns. Then came computers and the idea of AI self-awareness. At first when this hap…

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An app that eases tourist congestion during the wildebeest migration

5 reasons to visit southern Mozambique

OrmsPrint Room & Framing.

How nifty. Expert in all things photographic, Orms has launched a new website and showroom for their one-stop print and framing service, OrmsPrint Room & Framing.

Orms Print Room & Framing offers absolutely all things print and photography related and gives customers t…

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The Dead Weather Share ‘Buzzkill(er)’

What to make of Madagascar?

Brown lemur in Kirindy Forest Reserve

Madagascar is a confusing, fascinating and sometimes frustrating country but it is also heartfelt and incredibly genuine. You will be charmed by the people and amazed by its natural beauty. It will be quite unlike anywhere you have ever been before.

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The post …

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Retirement tax changes postponed

So it’s official, expected retirement tax reforms have been postponed to 2016 and possibly even 2017 if an agreement hasn’t been reached by July next year. With everyone expecting to enjoy a higher tax return from next year, it’s really quite sad to hear this news.



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Zebras bite the dust

Listen To LowLow’s New Mixtape

It’s a new release that sounds like a classic.


After releasing a mixtape of tracks all recorded on a Samsung S4 that was surprisingly good, LowLow is back with a studio mixtape. The Above It All mixtape sounds like a classic hip-hop release that runs the gamut of be…

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The Evolution of Pokemon Players

Exit stage left: lessons from reporting Africa’s tech scene

In the last four years I have learnt a lot about technology, innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa. I have met Africa’s brightest and its bravest. I have walked the path of its past and seen the clearly marked walkways of its future. Erik Hersman from the iHub once…
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Battlefield vs Call of Duty: and the victory goes to…

In much the same way as we see a yearly iteration of most sports games, we also see regular releases of Call of Duty and Battlefield. Because they are of a similar nature, quite naturally there is a certain amount of rivalry between the two, and an associated fanaticis…
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Rėunion Island – Land of Spice and Coffee

Rėunion Island – Land of Spice and Cultural Overlap
sunset Reunion

sunset Reunion

700 km from Madagascar, Réunion Island, land of spice and coffee (formerly Île de Bourbon) a French outpost, is a small volcanic mass in the Indian Ocean that displays a mixed Asian and African heritage…

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Gary Player: I can get Tiger to win Majors again

Gary Player, who is turning 79 tomorrow, has always been very forthright in interviews, so it came as no surprise when the nine-time Major winner made a few bold statements in a recent one-on-one with Graham Bensinger.

When asked about his thoughts on Tiger Woods, Play…

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Diving With Cape Fur Seals at Duiker Island and Hout Bay, Cape Town

Whenever I see a seal I have to remind myself that they are actually called sea lions. As in, lions of the sea. They may seem all cute with their big weepy eyes, tiny ears and flipper feat, but one once bit a woman’s nose clean off on Noordhoek beach because she tried …

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Open Your Bottle To #OpenYourCity with Heineken®

post thumbnail

Just in time for summer sipping, Heineken® has produced a range of limited-edition Cities bottles, each featuring one of 6 global cities: New York, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, London, Amsterdam and our very own – Johannesburg.


Heineken® is inspiring consumers to…

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Narrative Photography | Polar Dust

Post image for Narrative Photography | Polar Dust

When Sara Eksteen approached me to do the photography for the album cover for her band, Polar Dust, I was delighted to work on such a conceptual shoot.

Sara’s brief was that she wanted dark, gritty, Alfred Hitchcock inspired images. Each member of the band represented…

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Rashida Mohomed – Mint Chicken

    Ingredients 1chicken 1 tablespoon  wet red ginger masala half teaspoon garlic 1 tablespoon ghee 1 teaspoon dhana jeroo fine 1/2 teaspoon arad borie 1 tablespoon  lemon juice 1 tablespoon  tomato sauce 1 tablespoon  mayonaise salt to taste few mint leaves   Method 1…
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Android founder will exit Google to incubate hardware startups

Without Android Google would still be a pretty powerful company, but nowhere near as influential as it is today. In that regard, it owes a deep vote of thanks to Andy Rubin, the man who founded Android as an independent company way back in 2003. From now on though, it’…
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The congohounds of Virunga

Ultimate Bad Friends Compilation

In the spirit of the weekend and being shit to your friends, which is what true friendship is all about, I give you the Ultimate Bad Friends Compilation. It’ll remind you of all the best times you’ve had with your friends. Like when you convinced them to go down that p…

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Tim Cook comes out as gay – gets support from entire tech industry

Tim Cook

In news that may have come as a surprise to some, CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, has finally opened up about his sexual orientation, and come out as gay.

In an essay Cook penned, published in Business Week magazine yesterday, the normally reserved and utterly private head of…

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how to make an aperol spritz

A Spritz is a classic Venetian drink that is made with either Campari or Aperol. I prefer the latter as its slightly less bitter and has a lovely citrusy flavour note. You can make it with either white wine or a sparkling wine like Prosecco. It’s not necessary to use C…
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Fable Mountain Vineyards: “Don’t label us, just look at our labels”

Apart from wine, work and grapes, vineyards provide us with much beauty. The aesthetic pleasure we find in vineyards, I think, stems from the collision between lands that produce good wine grapes – hills, steep slopes, river banks, mountainous valleys
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Big Inja is the startup hound that wants to barcode your business

We’ve seen some exciting developments happening in the QR space, with the likes of SnapScan and its competitor Zapper having injected a fresh sense of purpose and experimentation in the world of South Africa’s mobile payments scene. Now — trying to find the holy grail …
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Start Your Day With Wolfmother

Guys, I’m going to do you a favour, and I want nothing in return other than your full attention and cooperation. You know how certain early morning events can change the course of your day. Well, I attribute yesterdays exceptional start to one band. I usually run a ran…

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Podcast Update

A recent chat about podcasts reminded me that I should probably let you know where I am with my podcast selection.

Here’s what’s currently on the Podcast Addict front screen:

  • Frank Skinner on Absolute Radio [link]
  • Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4 [link]
  • Guardian Fo…
read more. Podcast #33 – The Wayne Chronicles Part 1

Die week se podcast praat ons met Wayne, 'n average ou wat al 'n baie interesante lewe gehad het. Hy het baie battles al geface wat baie van ons mee sal kan relate. Sy stories is nie net entertaining nie, maar ons kan moontlik iets leer ook. Ons noem die podcast "The W…

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Holy unexpected miracles Batman! A comic exhibition in Durban and a one day turn around on this post. The times they are a changing!



Last night the new(ish) Open Plan studio off Umgeni road hosted Kablam! A Comic Art Exhibition and Book Sale. I was never a major c…

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Mass protests put end to Hungary’s internet tax

Hungary has agreed to drop a controversial internet data transfer tax in the wake of mass protests which have rocked the country this week. According to Reuters, Prime Minister Viktor Orban froze the proposed law in the wake of the protest, as well as, advice from the …
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Lifestyle Photography | Clover Little Big Cook Off SABC3

Post image for Lifestyle Photography | Clover Little Big Cook Off SABC3

Earlier this year I had the most amazing and diverse project with Clover, for the Clover Little Big Cook Off TV show.

First in line was to do a lifestyle portrait of a mother and child to advertise the upcoming show. We shot on the set that was built for the TV commer…

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VIDEO: Lee Westwood’s 207-metre ace

While most of us are still waiting for our first hole-in-one, Lee Westwood celebrated his 15th during the second round of the PGA Tour’s CIMB Classic in Malaysia.

The shot helped the Englishman to a 7-under-par 65, leaving him three shots off the lead and in a tie for…

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pu-za* thursday!

the silly, social season seems to have begun and being gainfully un- i mean self-employed at the moment, gives me great lee-way to get myself in trouble. i mean, i don’t have to be up at 5am or have some pressing business to attend to. suffice to say that after going t…
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My Cuppa For CANSA Winner Announced

SO awesome to see ladies getting together in aid of such a great cause! 

Le-Creuset-Styled-Chiffon-Pink-Shots-9-1024x682Big Congrats to Lizna Erkelens . She managed to get the restaurant that she hosted her tea at to match their donation. Fabulous! Looked like a fun day! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAphoto4-768x1024


Hope you enjoy your gorgeous Le Creuset t…

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