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Being disabled doesn’t make you special, being South African does

By Maggie Marx In December 2005, I took my driver’s test in a small town in the Free State. I told the friendly, albeit mumbling officer that I was severely hearing impaired. I also told him that during the yard test I would be able to decipher his hand signals, but th…
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Facebook censorship extends to artistic breast awareness site Bare Reality

How Facebook concludes that a page, picture, post, link warrants a ban is beyond comprehension. It appears that it involves zero cognitive input and mysterious processes. The latest victim is artist Laura Dodsworth. She is behind Bare Reality, a project that features 1…
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What a site celebrating how women feel about their breasts tells us about Facebook censorship

How Facebook concludes that a page, picture, post, link warrants a ban is beyond comprehension. It appears that it involves zero cognitive thinking and how then it is made is a mystery. The latest victim is Artist Laura Dodsworth. She is behind the project Brave Realit…
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Pay back the money: SA Reserve Bank ordered to return R250m to Shuttleworth

The South African Reserve Bank has been ordered to pay back R250-million to billionaire Mark Shuttleworth by the court of appeal following months of legal battles between the two parties. The R250-million, set to be paid back with interest, was the amount the bank levi…
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BlackBerry to continue with ‘unconventional’ devices

The company logo is seen at the Blackberry campus in Waterloo

In case you forgot, BlackBerry is still making smartphones. While many have written the company off, BlackBerry insist they will still be making phones.

Not only that, but they say they will keep on making ‘unconventional’ phones like the Passport below, that has just…

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Bérénice Marlohe – Woensdag se warm bokkie

Bérénice Marlohe is die 23ste Bond girl en soos al haar voorgangers is sy ook fokken hot.

Haar ma is Frans en haar pa is van Cambodian en Chinese afkoms – die rede vir haar mooi looks. Judge maar self.
Bérénice Marlohe watkykjy warm bokkie

Bérénice Marlohe watkykjy warm bokkie 2

Bérénice Marlohe watkykjy warm bokkie 3

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A Luangwa guide’s tale

Dookoom – A Gangster Called Big Times

So rukkie terug het Dookoom sy nuwe EP, A Gangster Called Big Times, vir my gestuur wat die 15de Oktober release word deur IOT Records, ‘n Franse record label. Dis twee weke van vandag af en ek is kak excited vir die gangster. Ek het die album oopgemaak op die klein ve…

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Heavy Chef To Host Global Digital Marketing Expert, Rand Fishkin In Cape Town

Moz co-founder and digital marketing author, Rand Fishkin will make a reappearance at Heavy Chef on 10 November 2014 at World Wide Creative’s new event space in Cape Town. Entitled, The Paradox of Exceptional Marketing, the session will identify barriers to scale and t…

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Check Mate {Sony OOTD}

 photo sonylook_zpsc3702fe9.jpg
Pants from Zara | Top from Woolworths | Heels from Truworths | Handbag from Anni King | Sunglasses are Chanel from Sunglass Hut

This is my last Sony Xperia T3 fashion phone inspired look and it has all to do with the awesome technology that comes with the phone. I dec…

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Dubioza kolektiv – No Escape (from Balkan)

Wat kry jy as jy Borat, Die Antwoord en Rammstein kry om saam 'n mutant baba te maak en dan los jy die mutant baba in 'n orphanage in Eastern-Europe? Jy kry Dubioza kolektiv. Ek het Maandag aand toe ek op Pirate Bay se homepage land die video gesien, en die tune het da…

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Reddit plans cryptocurrency for its community after $50m investment

This is exciting. Reddit is planning on sharing 10% of its equity with its army of 3-million strong users. It’s like taking an IPO to a whole other level! The move comes after the company just raised a Series B round of US$50-million from a group of investors, valuing …
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21 Effortless Street Style Looks

It’s called Windows 10: Microsoft surprises everyone with unexpected name, improved UI

It has been a bumpy ride for Microsoft’s Windows division since the release of Windows 8 two years ago, but its time of torment looks to be over. Finally. After a not-so-secretive lead up, the new Windows is here, but it’s not what we were expecting. Unveiled today at …
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Record audience for Lake of Stars Festival


Listicle time. (Sorry). But those with children will surely recognise something from these (and here I quote):

34 Hilarious Photos Of Kids Losing It Over NOTHING




To be fair, I would have reacted in pretty much the same way.



Ataxia should not be mocked. Th…

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Real men do watch ‘Our Perfect Wedding’

By Walter Bhengu Every Sunday evening at 7pm as many people wrap up their weekend in anticipation for the week ahead, a show, which has taken the airwaves by storm, plays on Mzansi Magic. Our Perfect Wedding draws a large viewership judging by how it trends every Sunda…
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What startups may come: a look at Silicon Savannah in Kenya

“How would you like to pay?”, a cashier at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport asks me. “M-Pesa or cash?” she continues as I try to gather my thoughts. And then it hits me this is Kenya, where mobile payment works and is everywhere. This is Africa’s hub of innovati…
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Facebook and censorship

How Facebook concludes that a page, picture, post, link warrants a ban is beyond comprehension. It appears that it involves zero cognitive thinking and how then it is made is a mystery. The latest victim is Artist Laura Dodsworth. She is behind the project Brave Realit…
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A desert elephant siesta

GoMetro: South African Startup Wins African Investment Battle

BiD Network hosted this year’s Regional Final of Africa of Get in the Ring: the Investment Battle. Entrepreneurs, investors and experts from all over Africa and beyond came together on the 18th of September in Kigali, Rwanda, to be part of the event. Ten promising Afri…

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Businesses, agencies need to work together to truly grasp social ROI

Proving Social Return on Investment (SROI) is one of the most contentious issues around. An incredibly low percentage of businesses measure and give credit to social marketing efforts with regard to sales and conversions. Remarkably, an overwhelming majority of Chief M…
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Is it a car? Is it a bike? Nope, it’s Toyota’s i-Road

Come October, the city of Grenoble in the south east of France will have 35 new, electric, brightly-coloured, three-wheeled Toyota i-Roads on it streets. The vehicles are part of a car-share pilot project Toyota has undertaken in conjuction with the city, French power …
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Listen To Push Push’s #FreePush EP

Breath and just rap, breath and then fucking rap.



If you’d told me three or four years ago, whenever it is I met Nicci St Bruce, that I’d be blogging about her rapping – in anything other than a negative way – I’d have shot you on the spot. I’m, like, super G. You…

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How to spend a day in Durban

It’s not likely that you’ll struggle for things to do in Durban but some guidance is always helpful. Contrary to the belief of many, Durban is actually a travel destination with soul. Here are my recommendations for what to do on a perfect day in Durban. Dropping into …

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Video: fisherman rescues drowning bald eagle

Who won in the Malema, Mbalula twar? No one really, but we all lost

Twitter can be a pretty tricky thing when you’re a politician, just ask Helen Zille. It can be difficult enough to come off looking good when you’re involved in robust political debate (it’s why so many public figures have trained professionals manage your accounts), b…
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Inherent Vice Looks Superb

I’ve felt for a while that either I’ve missed all the good movies, or there just haven’t been any, not this kind of movie in any case. Well, Inherent Vice – from Writer/Director/Producer Paul Thomas Anderson (Boogie Nights, There Will Be Blood) looks damn promising, an…

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Liam May Kill Enough Baddies in Taken 3 to Make it Watchable

I don’t know why, but I hate it when people replace numbers with letters for any other reason than turning their password strength up from weak to strong. My brain simply does not dig it, so when I saw what the marketing team behind the third movie in the Taken franchi…

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Durban is a hub of celebration for Good Food and Wine Show 2014

A feast of festivity is certainly on offer at this year’s Good Food & Wine Show, giving people plenty of reasons to celebrate.    Here’s a sample of what’s on offer:

Celebrity Chefs Theatre line-up includes the following (but more are being booked right now so watc…

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Unicycle commuter transport is here!

Airwheel-X3-Self-balancing-Electric-Unicycle-Scooter-2Unicycles have for the most part of transport history been relegated to circus acts and eccentric individuals. Despite its obvious “hands-free” advantages there has been too many disadvantages tied to unicycles for them to be considered for mass transport. The two most…

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There’s a new Dove ad out about mothers and daughters and it might hit you right in the feels [video]

Ya hey…i said in my previous post that today is normally bro day on Life is Savage so this may seem rather out of place, but there is a new Dove ad out and it might hit you right in the feels. Especially if you’re a mother and have a young daughter. Remember those Dove…

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John Oliver Discusses The US Drone Programme on Last Week Tonight

We tend to stay away from the heavy stuff here. If you want to read about murder, rape, and crooked politicians, pick up the paper or visit any one of our lovely news website. Bad shit sells, and if you want the quickest route to a bad day, stay informed. Ignorance is …

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Samsung now has its own Galaxy Note 4 scandal: GapGate

Galaxy Note 4

Well, what do you know. Hot off the heels of Apple’s infamous ‘Bendgate’ scandal, another giant tech company has been hit with a similar scandal – and it just so happens to be Apple’s biggest competitor, Samsung.

Samsung is the latest company to be embroiled in a scan…

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Facebook Relaunches Atlas Ad Platform

Facebook Relaunches Atlas Ad Platform

Facebook has relaunched Atlas ad platform, with a brand new version as well cross-device targeting. Facebook acquired the ad platform from Microsoft in 2013 and now Facebook is reportedly ready for a relaunch to compete with Google. Cross-device Targeting Accor…

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Oral-B Pro Expert Toothpaste {Review}

 photo kevinmorris190112sustinence_0003_zps3affc591.jpg

I have always been a bit teeth obsessed since having braces when I was younger. I wanted my teeth to look really good after all the pain and suffering they had been through. I have gone through loads of different teeth products from whiteners to special toothbrushes t…

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Less flash, more business: why Microsoft is sticking to the basics

Microsoft has gone back to basics. With its latest Windows update, it’s being as cautious as a group of retirees crossing a busy intersection. Apart from the unexpected twist in the name (yes, there’s no version 9), the latest operating system, Windows 10, is extremely…
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Ons rugby ticket wenners vir Saterdag

Geluk aan hierdie groepie gelukkige boggers wat Saterdag saam met Kaptein Kortbroek die rugby gaan kokkenodge tussen die Bokke en die All Black met die booze bussie. Julle beter ‘n kakhuis vol fotos neem vir ons.

Julle sal gekontak word met verdere reëlings. Shot.

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The Whisky Guy reviews Chivas Regal – 12 year old blended Scotch whisky

So last week saw the addition of a new category on Life is Savage called The Whisky Guy whose sole purpose in life is to consume and attempt to review the various kinds of whisky from around the world. The Whisky Guy ( it’s me, but don’t tell anyone) has no formal scho…

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3 Tips to Help You Create a Soothing Bush Bedroom

Between them, dynamic Londolozi housekeeping duo – Jacqui Wood and Lillian Ngwenya – inspect Londolozi’s chalets and suites every day. And every day, they’re tasked with creating the bushveld’s most soothing and uncluttered spaces. The views over the Sand River are a h…
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Our Perfect Wedding – Episode 25

Mlungisi and Beauty are a beautiful young couple from Pretoria who were just meant to be together from what I hear. After years of proposing to Beauty since high school, she later gave in and decided to give him a chance finally. Two weeks into their relationship …

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Amohela ho Spitskop Conservancy

On the 21st July 2014, we received our letter from the DETEA which congratulated us on our formal registration and formation of the Amohela ho Spitskop Conservancy.

There have been vast changes in the years from 2002 when we moved here to today. At Spitskop we have…

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Microsoft announces Windows 10! Wait, what? (video)


The time many of us was waiting for has finally arrived. Microsoft today announced the new version of their iconic operating system, Windows 10.

That’s right, Windows 10. While the software maker had referred to Windows 10 as codename Windows Threshold internally, tod…

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pea and asparagus risotto with basil and lemon

I love pasta and risotto with fresh herbs and lemon. It gives the whole dish a stunning light wake up call. Basil, lemon, peas and Parmesan in a creamy risotto are a heavenly match. I made this in my Breville Multi Chef, which has a special risotto setting. Yes, this m…
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The People Make the Place

When you travel to a country for the first time there are many things that will take your breath away, the history, the culture, amazing scenery and food but there are few things that will forever remain with you and make you want to return. There is no shortage of adj…
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Stream Milo’s First Official Album ‘a toothpaste suburb’

Role a blunt, find a long road, a beach, or a poolside, and give this a listen – milo’s first official album ‘a toothpaste suburb’. Or you know, just put your earphones on and let this be the backdrop to your morning admin.

a toothpaste suburb by milo

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Pot-luck pangolin

Is there anything worse than missing a great wildlife sighting? There certainly is - missing it twice. Watch this special sighting of one of the Kruger's precious pangolins.

The post Pot-luck pangolin appeared first on Getaway Magazine.

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Saturday Snapshots #297

I love the nightlife – dusk over Singapore’s Marina Bay as seen from the Singapore Flyer, September 2013   Saturday Snapshots is a series of non-food photographs published every Saturday on CookSister.  Previously featured photographs can be viewed on the Saturday Snap…
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A Deafening Roar

A magical winter day of sightings with Ranger Alfie and Tracker Euce culminated with two sightings of one of the Majingilane males.  As the sun had set it was time for him to begin patrolling his swath of Londolozi, but being alone he needed to locate his brothers and …
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Nanga and Cubs: Update

The Nanga Young Male is probably the sulkiest leopard out there at the moment. Forced into independence far earlier than is usually seen in young male leopards, he has had to grow up in a hurry in order to stay alive! Although the books will tell you that young male le…
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