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The Whole Earth Kitchen in Sea Point

The Whole Earth Kitchen is a green thinking kitchen dedicated to making nutritious plant based, gluten and yeast free meals, for the gorgeous people of Cape Town.

The Whole Earth Kitchen soup rangeTheir vegan range consists of a wide range of soups, winter, and summer chilled soups, our unique sattvic …

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Eat to Live Vegetarian Vegan Mix

Eat to Live Vegetarian Vegan MixA delicious, versatile mix of seeds, grains and pulses, some, ground to a fine texture, a super tasty “fast food”. The dry mix is hydrated, shaped and lightly fried. It’s suitable to make burgers, falafel balls or a crunchy crumble topping for salads, soups, veg.


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Relish Foods Chutneys

Relish Foods Beetroot ChutneyA range of beetroot chutneys that includes the following varieties: original, mild chilli, no added sugar and hot chilli. They will jazz up any meal!

Available from the Purple MyrtleOpens in a new window and Feat Food MarketOpens in a new window websites.

Visit the Vegan SA website for more vegan food dressing…

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The Tugwaan Female: Londolozi’s Scariest Leopard

Despite having passed away over 15 years ago, there remains on Londolozi today, the lingering story of a legendary leopard. She was named the Tugwaan female and it seems her memory has ...
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The ship in the Heineken ad

The final?
Tonight is the final of the Champignon’s League, and I’m going to stick my neck out and say that the trophy will be heading back to Madrid. Astute? Yep. That’s me.

The ad?
This UCL final will will also mark the end of the Heineken ad which has been plaguing

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Pollyanna throws in the towel against the Taliban

Let’s chant a dirge for the chief executives of one of South Africa’s most besieged economic sectors. Just consider the challenges they face daily. They head financially precarious entities in a field where both the raw-material inputs and the finished goods are of dec…
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Review: a visit to Leafy Greens

A review of Leafy Greens restaurant and shop, Muldersdrift, near Johannesburg …

I was lucky enough to visit Leafy Greens this past weekend, set in the most beautiful gardens on the premises of Casalinga, just outside of Muldersdrift. Firstly, it’s one of the most pictu…

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GWM SA to introduce premium Haval brand

Great Wall Motor Company Limited of China, more commonly known as GWM, recently broke the news that they would directly enter the South African motor vehicle market after granting distribution […]

The post GWM SA to introduce premium Haval brand appeared first on S…

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The Benefit of Teamwork

Tracking can sometimes be a painstaking process; if only one tracker is working a set of tracks, and the terrain is tricky, he or she will often be forced to ...
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Firwood Natural Products

Moringa Powder – This is a 100% natural Moringa Oliefera powder, it is milled from pure Moringa leaves which are locally grown, freshly harvested and produced at a very high standard for exceptional quality. The Moringa powder is a fine green powder which may be consum…

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The Village DeVine foods to order

The Village DeVine foodsFresh ready made-meals to be ordered within a days notice.

Fresh ready made-meals to be ordered within a days notice. A variety of Mediterranean dips and mezze, salads, burgers, lasagna, curries, and cottage pie to name a few. Frozen butternut and chickpea burger patti…

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LeCoquin vegan cream

LeCoquin vegan whipping cream

This is a wonderful coconut based vegan whipped cream from LeCoquin of Sea Point: It is ideal for baking with, or for breakfasts, desserts or toppings with any other of your enticing food creations.

LeCoquin whipping cream is available at some of the Spar supermarkets…

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Product review – Africa Organics

Review written by Lisa J. Fine …

After searching furiously for a hair and body care product range in SA that is natural, vegan, cruelty free, affordable and easily accessible, I came across Africa Organics. Not only do their products look lovely and smell amazing, but …

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Irene’s Gourmet vegan foods

Irene’s Gourmet make a variety of vegan foods that are currently only available at outlets in the north of Johannesburg.

1. Irene's Gourmet vegan ButteryButtery: Cultured Vegan Butter. It can be used just like normal butter or margarine for baking, frying etc. Made from cultured cashews, cold pres…

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The Yoga Kitchen of Swellendam

The Yoga Kitchen hideaway in SwellendamThe Yoga Kitchen hosts blissful retreat weekends at the beautiful Hideaway in Swellendam which focuses on nourishing body, mind and soul. Optional extras include rain spa treatments, meditation walks, pottery workshops, and mountain trail horse rides.

Meals will be del…

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Green Leaf Cafe, Bellville

Green Leaf Café at Stodels Nursery and Garden Centre, Bellville, Cape Town is a daytime restaurant and coffee shop. Situated under beautiful trees with a relaxed atmostphere, it is ideal for families with children as there is a kid’s play area and petting zoo. They off…

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Esse Sensitive

Review written by Josie Du Toit …

I had struggled to find a skincare product that isn’t just great for my sensitive skin, but one that is also 100% vegan, using natural ingredients and endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty. Esse exceeded all expectations and surprised me …

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Scheckter’s RAW in Sea Point

Scheckter's RAW cafe in Sea Point
Scheckter’s Raw at 98 Regent Street is an organic, raw vegetarian and vegan restaurant taking healthy and healing food to the next level. They are passionate about creating food that looks good, tastes good and feels good in your body. Their food is sourced from the b…

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Villiera Wines

Villiera's Methode Cap Classique winesVilliera is a family run winery situated in the Stellenbosch region, producing a range of still wines and is recognised as one of South Africa’s leading Methode Cap Classique producers.

It is a pioneering, innovative, high quality wine company, committed to preserving …

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Purebar is an all natural, whole food, nut-based granola bar. Purebar is the perfect healthy sweet snack and is carb conscious, all natural, cane sugar-free, vegan, and high protein.

Chocolate Coconut PurebarPurebar is available in two moreish flavours:

Chocolate Coconut: Crunchy, nutty granol…

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Gucci Coochie – Die Antwoord

Die Antwoord se nuutste track, Gucci Coochie is ‘n collab met Dita Von Teese, een van Marilyn Manson se ex-gooste. Check ook hieronder vir ‘n video teaser waarin jy so bietjie sideboob action kry en ‘n halwe nippel of twee van Mevrou Teese kan kokkenodge. Sy’t nogal le…

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Residential Interior Photography | Kyalami Johannesburg

Post image for Residential Interior Photography | Kyalami Johannesburg

In February I photographed this beautiful house in Kyalami, Johannesburg. The house is built on a plot in the farm lands, and the interior decorator used colours and natural elements to merge the outside nature with the indoor interiors.

239-Mustang-02-Rikki-Hibbert239-Mustang-03-Rikki-Hibbert239-Mustang-04-Rikki-Hibbert239-Mustang-05-Rikki-Hibbert239-Mustang-06-Rikki-Hibbert239-Mustang-07-Rikki-Hibbert239-Mustang-08-Rikki-Hibbert   239-Mustang-11-Rikki-Hibbert

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Styled Interior Photography | Residential Spaces

Post image for Styled Interior Photography | Residential Spaces

Last month I photographed this beautiful family home in Parkhurst, Johannesburg.

All areas where photographed with portable studio lighting.

Photography: Rikki Hibbert

Interior Designer: Jonathan Avnon



9th-Ave-30-Lounge-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography  9th-Ave-03-Guest-Room-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography  9th-Ave-10-Girls-Room-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography9th-Ave-14-Shelf-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography9th-Ave-15-Boys-Room-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography9th-Ave-18-Boys-Room-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography9th-Ave-20-Main-Room-Rikki-Hibbert-Photography


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Why Me

This message was written on Friday 25 September 2015 . May Allah grant her good health and shifaa Kaamila. On 22 September 2015 I was diagnosed as having multiple sclerosis (MS). I had been convinced in the fibre of my being that my symptoms would just be an infection …
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Rest // Highlights from the Week

"And B)"/on the seventh day God finished his work that he had done, and he rested." --Gensis 2:2

If God can rest, we can rest, right? ;)

Yesterday the team took a much-needed day off to relax and recharge for the remainder of the trip. It felt wonderful to pause and refl…
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Field Notes: CMS Africa Summit 2016

Automatticians, the people who build, participate in events and projects around the world every day. Periodically, they report back on the exciting things they do when not in front of a computer.

Today I share my experiences meeting and getting to know s…

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Help identifying tree often used in landscaping

I would like to know the common and/or scientific name of this tree if anyone can help? I believe its indigenous and now often used for roadside landscaping. Any clues? Chris Cape Town
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Durban Invasives Target List

Check out this list of alien invasive plants in Durban: No syringa though?
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Recently I was invited to try out  the Galileo Open Air Cinema  experience, we watched Pulp Fiction at the Hilcrest Quarry , it was pretty chilly but thanks to the comfy chairs and blankets it was a really awesome experience.


I love the idea of watching a movie under …

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The 6 wildlife photo tips you need to shoot like a pro

For The Record

We asked photographer Erin Wulfsohn to do a monthly photo essay on anything she’d like. As you’ll see, she went a step further because that’s what Erin does. Erin caught up with long time DIY contributor, DJ Fuego Heat aka Ryan van Rooyen, about Khaya Records, a kief n…

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The God At The Station

Isn't love just a kind of God that stops existing when you stop believing?

Who could believe in that?

And yet, people do.

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We are HERE! :)

Hello family and friends,

We finally made it! Our team arrived in Cape Town around 8:05 this morning with a boat load of luggage. We met up with Sue and James who drove us to Bridges of Hope where we had a little bit of time to put our stuff down and settle in. Our sche…
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Finding Truth in Answers

The more eternal the silence, the greater the Truth.

The seeking mind cannot find rest, it is the un-seeking Being that resides in Truth

The answers we find in books and talks may fill a gap, but it has always been the resonance of Truth that we seek... that which may ma…
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Commercial Interior Photography | Total Head Quarters, Rosebank

Post image for Commercial Interior Photography | Total Head Quarters, Rosebank

I recently had the privilege of photographing the new interior design of the Total head quarters, in Rosebank, Johannesburg.

The space has the most amazing light, although I still used my Elinchrom lights to fill in the shadowy areas. The bright colours are so much fu…

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Top100 Candidate For The Mars One Mission To Headline Heavy Chef

The aim of the Mars One mission is to establish a human settlement on the Red Planet in what will be “the most profound and influential event of the 21st century.” South African theoretical physicist, Dr Adriana Marais answered the call to become one of these pioneers.…

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Pumpkin Doughnuts dipped in melted chocolate – grab one quick!

pumpkin doughnuts

Pumpkin Doughnuts sure is the best way to eat pumpkin. Wowzers people, it is like pumpkin fritters on steroids. Just think about it for a while….. pumpkin, deep-fried dough, cinnamon sugar and then….. melted chocolate.

Pumpkin doughnuts sure is a mouthful to get your …

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The Terrible Inadequacy Of An Entire Life

All I can do is talk to you while we cook and listen to old jazz records in the kitchen.
All I can do is remember your birthday and our anniversary and the days special things happened.
All I can do is touch your hand lightly when something happens in the movie on the co…
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The Best of the Best of 2014

As the year winds down for most (and seems to pick up speed for us) we thought we’d collect all of the “Best of” and “Year in Review” posts the big guys are putting out, so you can find all your retrospective 2014 material in one place. First off, you’re gonna want to …

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The Awethu Project

I remember the moment when I decided to become an entrepreneur, it feels like it was just yesterday. What an incredible feeling and now when I look back I can easily tell that I was always meant to be an entrepreneur and the decision I made was the correct one. I’m not…

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Reality or Illusion - What is Illusion?

An interesting change is the perceprion shift from illusion to reality. The stronger your desire for Truth, the more you are drawn to find that for which your soul yearns - that which you truly seek...

Matched step for step, as you appraoch reality it moves towards you.…
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Finding some Cape Town coffee Inspiration

So lately I have found myself delving deeper into the world of coffee and flavour - something about sitting down alone with nothing in front of you but something to drink. I find that the longer I sit, the more my mind empties and  the deeper my inspiration.

Finding the…
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HR in 2011

We have been here before. We are familiar with the drill. We have the same beliefs and expectations, toned down by the passage of time. We know how it will end. Yet a little voice tells us that 2011 could be exceptional and different. Another year has arrived.


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Creative Director – Johannesburg

This position in leadership is of high importance to Gorilla. This position comes with the freedom to create what you dream, and being responsible for your team. The ability to direct and head a team of incredible minds should be second nature. Experience is key, alon…

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